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Can menopause cause dizziness?

It can cause dizziness if you are not feeling well then a trip to your doctor may be needed 24/7! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Carlita Reply:

    Dizziness. Menopause symptoms will not be the same for every woman. some dizziness related to menopause symptoms are caused by changes in the blood Source:

  2. Paz Reply:

    During menopause, the root cause of dizziness is often changes in hormone levels. Dizziness can also be related to other symptoms of menopause. In rare

  3. Nilsa Reply:

    Some medications cause dizziness when mixed together or by themselves.Perhaps you need some more sleep time cause you’ve been out and about. Source:

  4. Sudie Reply:

    Dizziness could be caused by a drop in blood pressure (sometimes this happens if you stand up real fast), poor blood supply to your heart, certain medications, inner ear problems, an anxiety disorder or a sensory problem. Source:

  5. Carita Reply:

    Menopause is caused when you run out of functioning eggs, while every woman is different many women start menopause around age 51. Menopause is when a woman goes with out having a menstrual period for 12 months. If you think you may be star… Source:

  6. Corene Reply:

    menopause than one day out of the blue it starts up again?

  7. Stormy Reply:

    Yes, menopause can cause dizziness! However if it gets too bad you may want to see a doctor, as it could be something more serious!Here is a site with all of the menopause symptoms – i think its pretty helpfulhttp://34-menopause-symptoms!com/

  8. Cassaundra Reply:

    What could be the cause of dizziness nausea lightheadedness heat flashes and sweating not realeted to menopause? Improve. In: Conditions and Diseases

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