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Can stress cause missed period?

Stress can absolutely cause irregular menstrual cycles! Other causes may be weight gain/loss, pregnancy, exercise, or menopause! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lotta Reply:

    What’s it take to become a sublime exdupnoer of prose like yourself?

  2. Tobi Reply:

    Stress. Stress is a common cause of a missed period. Hormones are a major factor in the production of a menstrual cycle, and stress can cause those hormones Source:

  3. Ana Reply:

    Stress is usually the top cause for a missed period in women that are not pregnant. Stress can affect a number of your body’s systems, so just try to relax and your body will get back to normal.

  4. Shaneka Reply:

    The amount of stress needed to miss a period varies person by person. Some handle stress better than others. Source:

  5. Timika Reply:

    It depends on your height, weight, body mass, nutritional level, regularity of menstruation cycle, amongst many other factors. Stress alone generally does not cause one to miss their period. Source:

  6. Venessa Reply:

    Missed periods are usually a sign that your pregnant, although their is always other reasons like being run down or stressed. If your a young women then it could be that your periods are just irregular and they will in time sort themselves … Source:

  7. Synthia Reply:

    missed period. is it from stress? Well my period is late. I never had it late 8 days now, and i’m really stressing out about it for that long. My boyfriend n I had sex 3 time

  8. Gussie Reply:

    yes stress can cause a missed or late period, so can a lot of things other than pregnancy, such as gaining or losing too much weight and the medication! if anything, she could take an over the counter pregnancy test to set your guys minds at easeGood luck and happy health

  9. Elfreda Reply:

    Answer. It is possible for stress to cause a missed period, but take a test or go see a doctor just to be sure you're not pregnant. Answer. Stress can change the

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