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Can stress make you late on your period?

Yes, stress, change in medication, being overweight, change in schedule, and menopause can all be causes of a missed period! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Elin Reply:

    Although a necessary part of female maturity, your period can stop you from Stress is often a cause of later than expected periods due to its influence on the Source:

  2. Lavone Reply:

    Emotional stress is possible cause of absence of menstruation. Eliminating the stress usually will cause menstruation to resume.

  3. Anastacia Reply:

    It depends on what is causing the pregnancy to be late – If it is stress or a new exercise routine it will take for your body to re adjust. Your diet can also effect your cycle. Source:

  4. Meg Reply:

    Your period could be late for a number of reasons. Your exercise routine, your diet, your hormones, and even different medications that you take can make your period late. Stay in tune with your body so that you are always aware of what’s g… Source:

  5. Versie Reply:

    Periods can be late for numerous reasons, the most common is pregnancy. If there is no chance you are pregnant then it could be down to stress or upset. Also if your a younger women then it could be down to unsettled periods. If you are wor… Source:

  6. Robbyn Reply:

    does the emergency contraceptive pill AND stress make your period come unprotected sex with my boyfriend late? I took Plan B after, and even though after negative results on a

  7. Adrienne Reply:

    Yup! Your body reacts to everything, not just chemicals! Its happened to me before, I wouldnt worry about it! However if there is a chance you could be pregnant and miss your period entirely, I would take a pregnancy test!

  8. Peggy Reply:

    It is possible for stress to cause a missed period, but take a test or go see a doctor just to be sure you're not pregnant. Answer. Stress can change the day of

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