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Can you have children after menopause?

If your doctor has confirmed that you have gone through menopause it is impossible for you to become pregnant! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Nita Reply:

    The main benefit of in vitro is that a woman can have a baby at any age, even after menopause. Giving birth after menopause also gives a woman more options Source:

  2. Sandee Reply:

    You can get pregnant after menopause you STILL ovulate without a . we was planning on having a baby so went to the doctors because of

  3. Marty Reply:

    Hot flashes vary with all women. Some women never even experience hot flashes. (They are so lucky). The majority of women do experience this symtom for months before the onset of menopause and then again after. Taking long hot steamy baths … Source:

  4. Daphne Reply:

    Women who give birth or adopt children later in life should not worry about negative breastfeeding effects. Menopause does not disable lactation, since milk production is controlled by the pituitary gland in your brain, rather than your rep… Source:

  5. Drew Reply:

    Because of medical advances and reproductive technologies, it is now possible for women in their 50s, 60s–and in one case even in her 70s–to become pregnant and give birth to healthy babies. Post-menopausal pregnancy (or PMP) is controver… Source:

  6. Keturah Reply:

    Children of Mothers going through Menopause? Do you find that your Mom’s personality has changed? She becomes irrational & defensive. I am having a huge problem with my Mother

  7. Roxanne Reply:

    Im so sorry for your pain!I am not in menopause yet, but I am in perimenopause and have friends who are post-menopausal! I think that once you are a baby lover, you will always feel mushy over them, but maybe not the same level as pre-menopause!I sincerely wish you well!Good luck!

  8. Eric Reply:

    Menopause is only a term for the change that happens to women when they cease to be able to have babies. So if a woman has had a child or not she will

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