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How long does a woman go through menopause?

The first signs of menopause can begin anytime from your mid-30s through late 50s, most common being in the mid- to late 40s! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Eyub Reply:

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  2. Tamra Reply:

    How Long Does Post-Menopausal Hair Loss in Women Last? percent of women experience some form of hair loss or thinning as they go through menopause. Source:

  3. Elisa Reply:

    Symptoms (without hormone replacement) can last 1-25 years. Most women don’t have symptoms that last much past about 10 years.

  4. Bertha Reply:

    It depends on what kind of woman are you! eg. A pornstar maybe, A sex addict (But they have a possibility to lose their interest) Source:'s_through_menopause_do's_she_lose_interest_in_sex

  5. Bryanna Reply:

    Normally around age 50. But it can occasionally happen very early (even mid 20s), and prevent the woman from having any children. Or it can be delayed until almost 60. It tends to be hereditary so if your mother had an early or late menopau… Source:

  6. Gidget Reply:

    Women are different and not all women will go through menopause at the same age. Most women however will go start menopause at about age 51, but again women are different so you may start menopause sooner than 51 or later than 51. For more … Source:

  7. Cary Reply:

    Hello, I’m 47 and experience terrible days hot flashes. I work in retail as day I work I’m waiting on many people. My problem I also hav a cashier so I every at work due to my

  8. Carmella Reply:

    Its pretty much the same issue as PMS, fluctuating hormone levels alter a persons mood!

  9. Junko Reply:

    Women who have their uterus removed but retain their ovaries do not immediately go into menopause, even though their periods cease. Adult women who have

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