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How long does menopause last for?

The vast majority of women will experience their menopause in a 2-10 year window of time, probably from min-40s to mid-50s! Any Suggestions here?


  1. oryssa Reply:

    15 yearssssssssss !

  2. Sally Reply:

    Hi, what are some things I should eat during menopause?

  3. Sona Reply:

    How Long Does Menopause Last?. Menopause is medically defined as the last menstrual period of a woman's reproductive life, generally assumed to have Source:

  4. Jonell Reply:

    How long does menopause last? It’s the question women ask as soon as they start to reach menopausal age. Millions of women are regularly wondering when they will get relief after a notoriously difficult transitional time. Perimenopause When

  5. Jonna Reply:

    For most women, menopause occurs between the mid-40s and mid-50s. As estrogen and progesterone levels drop, menstrual periods become more irregular and a host of physical and emotional symptoms may occur. This pre- or perimenopausal phase c… Source:

  6. Edward Reply:

    Hot flashes vary with all women. Some women never even experience hot flashes. (They are so lucky). The majority of women do experience this symtom for months before the onset of menopause and then again after. Taking long hot steamy baths … Source:

  7. Lu Reply:

    Menopause begins in women that are 50 and older some women experience it earlier than others. In most cases menopause if over between the ages of 60 and 70 years of ages. This age varies from woman to woman. Source:

  8. Ronald Reply:

    Its pretty much the same issue as PMS, fluctuating hormone levels alter a persons mood!

  9. Lisette Reply:

    It lasts approximately 10 years according to doctors. It's another part of a woman's life where she ceases to have menstrual periods and will never be able to

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