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If I have been on my period for two weeks now, could this be a serious problem?

A period that lasts two weeks can mean the onset of menopause! It can also mean you’ve got uterine fibroids (benign)! Sometimes a miscarriage can cause bleeding like that! Seeing a doctor is highly recommended! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Abby Reply:

    At one time or another all women have been in the position of wanting to If you can't delay menstruation, you might be able to induce it early with the use of certain herbs. 2. Talk to your doctor at least a week prior to when you expect your period if Determine whether preponing menstruation will solve your problem. Source:

  2. Gena Reply:

    yes Source:

  3. Joni Reply:

    Actually it depends on what kind of symptoms you have had. If you just had a missed period, then its very normal. Because Periods can be delayed because of numerous reasons like Stress, inappropriate diet or drastic changes in diet. However… Source:

  4. Jennine Reply:

    it could be because you have an infection, or it could be because it was really light the first time so it’s catching up if it continues you should go to a doctor, because it can be a sign of infections or cervical cancer Source:

  5. Breanna Reply:

    i had the same problem they thought i had dysmenorrhea but i wasent on my period and they sent me home with apo-naproxen, but it didnt work, my doctor thought it was appendicitis or ovarian cysts, but they didnt see anything on the x-ray and ultrasound than i had a bloodtest where they checked for chrons disease in a blood test, but still no luck! i dont take any medication, but i have these horrible pains also in my chest, breasts and sides it feels like a stabbing pain, but they only started coming 3 months after the pain started-they just dismissed me and told me to take advil, talk to your doctor about something that may cause those symptoms that doesnt involve any of the organs in your abdomen-i know a lot of people who have had the same problem, and did the same things, but the doctors just sent them home cuz they couldnt figure it out!!

  6. Kathern Reply:

    I have been getting my period every 2 weeks for the last 2 or 3 months, which I had a similar problem that became worse that was a pollup in my uterine trying to have a baby but if I bleed every other week, how can I get pregnant? But, I'm not sure if there is more period causes because I'm really young right now and

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