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Signs of menopause?

Hormonal changes, mood swings, increased sweating, increased hair growth! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Teri Reply:

    How to Recognize The Top 5 Signs of Menopause. A look at the top 5 signs different signs and symptoms of menopause. Source:

  2. Mickie Reply:

    Jun 14, 2010 Information about what to expect during menopause and perimenopause.

  3. Penelope Reply:

    More middle aged men are now reporting to have the same symptoms that women have when they are experiencing menopause. This is known as "male menopause." There can be various causes of male menopause. Certain steps are taken to determine if… Source:

  4. Cara Reply:

    The early signs of menopause are hot flashes, mood swings, and problems with the menstrual cycle. Woman also experience a change in the sex drive. Source:

  5. Fabiola Reply:

    Hot flashes, mood changes, loss of libido, and absence of periods can be signs of menopause. Grab some chocolate if you think you’re about to hit menopause! Source:

  6. Alexa Reply:

    I have been having signs of month.Never have before.I only go for about two menopause and end up not days.Could I be getting more into early menopause.? I got two periods this

  7. Lyndsay Reply:

    it could be!!!everyone is different when it comes to the first stages of menopause – usually you have changes in your cycle (some get heavier and more frequent, some are the opposite) accompanied by symptoms of hormonal changes (moodiness, achiness, fatique, hot flashes, sweating)! Talk to your doctor – if youre interested in hormonal replacement therapy (HRT), this can relieve some of the symptoms youre experiencing (as well as help to prevent bone loss that can occur during menopause)! Some women will continue to have abnormal, irregular periods for years before they actually hit menopause! Others will progress quite quickly!!!again, talk to your doc, they can give you an idea of where you are by testing the functioning of your ovaries (which excrete estrogen), as well as give you some treatment options! heres some general menopause info:http://www!fbhc!org/Patients/Modules/menopause!cfm

  8. Johnnie Reply:

    During the menopause transition years, as the body responds to the rapidly fluctuating and dropping levels of natural

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