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What age do women go through menopause?

The average age for menopause is 51 years old, but it ranges between 48-55 in most women! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lynne Reply:

    Men don't go through menopause in the way that women do, where their since there are men who experience an emotional crisis as they reach middle age. Source:

  2. Bobby Reply:

    Most women go through menopause in thier 50’s, though some can go through it prematurely. Additionally, women can be peri-menopausal for 10 years, experiencing a host of symptoms, before they actually start menopause. Menopause is considere

  3. Spring Reply:

    You don’t start menopause until it’s been one year since your final menstrual period. In the US, that is age 51, on average. Source:

  4. Tana Reply:

    Perimenopause usually begins around age 40. By age 50 most women have had their last menstrual cycle. Source:

  5. Alva Reply:

    The average age for menopause is 49.4 years old. Source:

  6. Ingrid Reply:

    What is the average age that women enter Menopause and are no longer able to bear children?

  7. Ryan Reply:

    between ages 45-55• Hot flashes and night sweats• Fat, menapause weight gain around the hips, thighs and abdomen and water retention• Vaginal dryness and atrophy• Body aches and pains• Headaches, migraines and fatigue• Mood swings, depression, oversensitivity and irritability• Low sex drive• Dry, thin and wrinkly skin• Hair thinning, brittle hair, hair loss and facial hair growth• Incontinence• Sleeping problems – insomnia• Bone loss or osteoporosis• Memory lapses, foggy thinking and difficulty concentrating• Heart disease, heart palpitations and high blood pressuresigns of menapause can begin as early as 10 to 20 years before natural menapause!

  8. Sanjuana Reply:

    What age is middle age for women? around 30 or 40. Can women at the age of 34 go thru menopause? Yes, I think so, I went through menopause at 38.

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