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What are all of the reasons for a late menstrual period?

Stress, Illness,Change in Schedules or Medications, Being Overweight or Underweight, Peri-Menopause,Menopause, or Pregnancy! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shila Reply:

    While most women do not welcome the arrival of their period each month, it can be cause for concern when their menstrual cycle is late or fails to arrive at all. Source:

  2. Mora Reply:

    But is pregnancy the only reason for people to have a late period? will not have regular periods, sometimes you can eve cause your periods to stop all together. While we say that the average menstrual cycle is 28 days long, that is not true

  3. Rebecka Reply:

    There are a lot of reasons! Stress is usually the main one, but there are tons of reasons for a period to be late. There are many reasons periods are late. Stress is the big one. It is also a sign for pregnancy if you have had sex, most com… Source:

  4. Danyelle Reply:

    A late period could be a sign of pregnancy, disorder/infection of the pelvic organs, extreme dieting, hormonal imbalance, MORE? Source:

  5. Waltraud Reply:

    The biggest reason that your period can be late is due to stress. Other common reasons are usually medication, illness, or rapid weight change. Source:

  6. Penni Reply:

    Late for my period, lower back pain, menstrual cramps but no period, tingly nipples. Could I be pregnant? I have recently missed a period. I’m probably about 2 weeks late or s

  7. Coretta Reply:

    not everyone can show positive on a urine test (3 times i didnt) they will also most likely do a blood test to check!!good luck tina

  8. Zoe Reply:

    What are various reasons a menstrual cycle could be late besides possibly being If you have more than one in a row or don't get your period at all you should

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