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What are hot flashes a sign of?

Hot flashes are mostly caused by the hormonal changes of menopause, but can also be affected by lifestyle and medications! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Emelina Reply:

    Hot and cold flashes may be a symptom of a mild but annoying illness or of a more serious infection, and diagnosis by a doctor may depend on what other Source:

  2. Thanh Reply:

    Hot Flashes. Learn what hot flashes are, what causes them, how to manage them , and the possible treatments there are for hot flashes

  3. Mara Reply:

    There are many things to try to stop hot flashes, or at least lesson the uncomfortable feelings that go along with it.Some can be as easy as changing your diet. Some can be relieved in homeopathic ways, then you have hormone therapy. Many d… Source:

  4. Ariana Reply:

    Hot flashes can be caused by different factors. Many woman will have hot flashes because they may be in the time of their life when their going through menopause. Source:

  5. Lael Reply:

    Hot flashes are sudden, intense hot feelings on the upper body and face, often accompanied by rapid heartbeat, sweating, nausea, dizziness and headache. They occur in menopause when the body’s ‘thermostat’ gets confused and the brain sends … Source:

  6. Winifred Reply:

    Hot flashes a sign of pregnancy flashes I feel so tired? Hot flash early pregnancy sign for about a week now? I have had morning sickness I have also had hot and my boobs have

  7. Florinda Reply:

    I experienced hot/cold flashes before I knew I was pregnant and my OB later said they could be due to the sudden hormonal changes! I would definitely take a test to be sure!

  8. Merissa Reply:

    It is a symptom of pregnancy, but if that is the only symptom that you have, I wouldn't worry about it. Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere

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