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What are the reasons for a late period?

Stress, Illness, Change in Schedules,Change in Medications, Being Overweight, Being Underweight, Peri-Menopause, Pregnancy! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Leticia Reply:

    What Are the Causes of Missed Periods in Teens?. Most doctors consider the normal menstrual cycle to be 28 days long, measured from the start of one period Source:

  2. Maia Reply:

    Not medical advice: Late period could mean pregnancy. Other causes are stress and illness. Ask us 24/7

  3. Edda Reply:

    If your period is late it is really not a big deal. If you think there is a chance you could be pregnant then you should take a test. If you continue to not have a period for an extended amount of time talk to your doctor. Source:

  4. Clarissa Reply:

    It depends on what is causing the pregnancy to be late – If it is stress or a new exercise routine it will take for your body to re adjust. Your diet can also effect your cycle. Source:

  5. Trinity Reply:

    Your period could be late for a number of reasons. Your exercise routine, your diet, your hormones, and even different medications that you take can make your period late. Stay in tune with your body so that you are always aware of what’s g… Source:

  6. Ellis Reply:

    what are some reasons you get body had this or can your period late? i havent had my period 2 pregnancy tests and they this month and i did were both negative has any anybody

  7. Enda Reply:

    pregnancy tests can come back negative even when the woman is pregnant! we had 3 negatives tests and she was pregnant the whole time!

  8. Genevie Reply:

    Hello, There are a variety of causes for a missed period. Causes of a missed period are as follows: Pregnancy. Taking the Plan B pill. Missing Birth Control Pills.

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