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What are the top 8 reasons for having a light period?

Reasons for scanty periods include: stress, weight loss, menopause, using antihistamine medication etc! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Willetta Reply:

    But if it is just light spotting with or without some cramping, it may be what's called implantation bleeding. Are you more tired than usual for no apparent reason? 4 8. Are you having trouble zipping up your tight jeans? Your lower abdomen If negative and you still have not had your period in a week, take another test! Source:

  2. Melonie Reply:

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  3. Ammie Reply:

    1. Normal change in hormones….it just happens every once in a while. 2. Major stress. 3. Increased physical activity. 4. Increased / decreased sexual activity. 5. Some Antibiotics or other medicines can mess with your cycle. 6. Could be s… Source:

  4. Cindi Reply:

    Lack of a menstrual period is called amenorrhea. Causes can range from hormonal and pituitary problems, to stress and anorexia. Source:'t-have-my-period-of-8-months-besides-pregnancy

  5. Toi Reply:

    If it was really light, it could have been spotting, which could possibly be a sign of pregnancy. You should check with your Dr. Source:

  6. Shaun Reply:

    What does all these things im going threw mean?

  7. Casey Reply:

    Hello! Try not to panic, but I for sure think youre probably prego! If you took a test last week, that was probably too early to detect the hcg hormone! Take another one ASAP! You said you were spotting a little last week and now! The spotting last week was probably implantation bleeding! It occurs like 6 to 10 after ovulation! It can cause spotting! Spotting in quite normal in early pregnancy!When I was prego last year, I was in denial because I was SURE I was going to get my period! I took a test and it said positive, but I still felt like my period would arrive any day! Well, it didnt and guess what!!!!I have a beautiful 5 month old sleep in her crib as we speak! My point is, its also very normal to have period like cramps when youre prego!Take another test girlfriend!!!!!!!sounds like it will be positive this time! Good luck to you! Everything will be just fine!

  8. Isaura Reply:

    I am heavy, so that could be the reason for no period. I have been on the pill for 8 years and have NEVER been late. I have heard of folks still having really light periods and not realizing they are I have all these same symptoms (diarrhea, period-like cramping, nausea, dehydration), but on top of this, I've been on the

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