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What can make your period late?

The following are all causes of missed periods: Anorexia, Brain Tumor, Bulimia, Ectopic Pregnancy, Menopause, Obesity etc Any Suggestions here?


  1. Hue Reply:

    Although a necessary part of female maturity, your period can stop you from Stress is often a cause of later than expected periods due to its influence on the Source:

  2. Xiomara Reply:

    See the doctor to get the correct information, only the doctor can answer you that question as it could be anything.

  3. Mindy Reply:

    Your period could be late for a number of reasons. Your exercise routine, your diet, your hormones, and even different medications that you take can make your period late. Stay in tune with your body so that you are always aware of what’s g… Source:

  4. Vanda Reply:

    If your period is late it is really not a big deal. If you think there is a chance you could be pregnant then you should take a test. If you continue to not have a period for an extended amount of time talk to your doctor. Source:

  5. Lida Reply:

    It depends on what is causing the pregnancy to be late – If it is stress or a new exercise routine it will take for your body to re adjust. Your diet can also effect your cycle. Source:

  6. Junko Reply:

    Two weeks late for period. Can going off BC make me skip my period? I am now around two. I took a test a weeks late for my period few days ago and it was negative. My last p

  7. Ivana Reply:

    Reasons for late periods?? This is the checklist I go through with my clients:1! Pregnancy! (Sorry, but I always include that possibility)!2! Recent miscarriage or abortion!3! Loss/gain of 10+ pounds! Affects hormones!4! Recently-begun exercise program! Affects hormones!5! Illness! From common colds to ovarian cysts to adrenal disorders, these can affect hormones! Even something like a bladder infection can do this!6! Medications! Especially birth control medications, steroids, narcotics, alcohol, and some phenothiazines!7! STDs!8! Stress! Even everyday stress can affect the adrenal glands, which then affect your hormones!9! Age! Some girls take up to 3 years after menarche (first period) to become regular! Some women never become regular at all!Your menstrual cycle is a process in which your brain and your ovaries send hormonal messages back and forth constantly! This is actually a delicate balance in some girls and is easily upset!

  8. Ciera Reply:

    Can you make a late period come faster? Eat a handful of parsley. It tastes gross but it will make your period come almost overnight if it's running a little late.

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