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What causes ‘hot flashes’?

They are due to blood vessel opening and constricting and a symptom of menopause! Hot flashes are episodes that are MORE?? Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Dalene Reply:

    What Are the Causes of Severe Hot Flashes in Men?. Men can experience hot flashes just like women can. In fact, it's not unusual. A hot flash is an intense Source:

  2. Maryland Reply:

    Surges in estrogen levels commonly cause hot flashes. This can happen in men and in women. Hot flashes typically happen with women in menopause.

  3. Florine Reply:

    Overheating and hot flashes leave you red-faced and sweaty. While these can happen at any time to anybody, depending on the body’s hormonal adjustments, overheating and hot flashes are most common in menopausal women. Source:

  4. Piper Reply:

    A hot flash is comparable to walking head-on into a blast of hot air from a furnace. It’s mostly felt in the head and neck region, but can extend to the rest of your body. According to Dr. Melissa Conrad Stoppler of, a hot… Source:

  5. Tempie Reply:

    What causes hot flashes in women is an excellent question for everyone, male or female, to know the answer to. The answer, however, has been debated for many years. You can find more information here:… Source:

  6. Verlene Reply:

    what causes hot flashes after ovulation?does hcg shot and clomids causes hot flashes? this is the 4th day past ovulation ,i have hot flashes,headache and backache.what causes

  7. Irmgard Reply:

    If her blood sugar is higher than 200, then most probably this is the cause!- Does she have hot flashes during the day??- Has she noticed that after eating something, she gets hot flashes?? The metabolism of an old person is slower than of a younger one, thats why their experiences are different! Help her keeping the blood sugar under control!

  8. Rozanne Reply:

    Prozac is intended to treat depression, but is also used to relieve hot flashes, therefore it is not suppose to cause what it is intended to treat. That being said, it is

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