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What could cause a late or missed period?

Causes of a missed period are: Stress, illness, change in medications, being overweight or underweight, menopause and pregnancy! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Bobette Reply:

    Because of the blood loss that a heavy menstruation can cause, symptoms of anemia can worsen during your Can Fibroid Tumors Cause a Missed Period? Source:

  2. Jen Reply:

    besides pregnancy nerves physical illness yes stress trauma just irregular cycle

  3. Flor Reply:

    There are many causes as to why your period is late. If you are pregnant you will not have your period. If you are overly stressed or not eating properly your period may come late. Source:

  4. Charlyn Reply:

    Missed periods are usually a sign that your pregnant, although their is always other reasons like being run down or stressed. If your a young women then it could be that your periods are just irregular and they will in time sort themselves … Source:

  5. Darci Reply:

    Periods can be late for numerous reasons, the most common is pregnancy. If there is no chance you are pregnant then it could be down to stress or upset. Also if your a younger women then it could be down to unsettled periods. If you are wor… Source:

  6. Artie Reply:

    Missed period, 5 days late took PT still be pregnant? It is January 30, I was suppose to get showed negative still didn’t get my period could I my period on the 24th, I’m havi

  7. Albina Reply:

    yes stress can cause a missed or late period, so can a lot of things other than pregnancy, such as gaining or losing too much weight and the medication! if anything, she could take an over the counter pregnancy test to set your guys minds at easeGood luck and happy health

  8. Leann Reply:

    Can an std cause a missed period? No S.T.D does not cause you to have missed periods, that is due to your body . Can stress cause missed period? Yep.

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