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What could night sweats be a symptom of?

Almost all women will suffer night sweats before, during or after menopause! If you haven’t been informed about Night sweats MORE?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. Maragaret Reply:

    Symptoms of Night Sweats in Children. Night sweats can come about for many different reasons. Aside from the possibility that night sweats could be the Source:

  2. Ester Reply:

    The following are some of the known conditions that can cause night sweats. Symptoms include weakness, fever, weight loss, night sweats and in worse

  3. Laurette Reply:

    Hi, first I must start of by saying that sweating is a normal process. Sweat helps our body cool off. The sweat is produced by sweat glands. They react when the temperatures are high, on stressful situations, when you are physically active … Source:

  4. Terica Reply:

    Diabetes Kidney problems Liver problems (but those are usually accompanied by yellowed eyes and skin . . . .) Spleen problems Bone marrow problems Leukemia (God, hope its not that) Various "leuko-" disease (blood diseases) Vitamin and miner… Source:

  5. Georgine Reply:

    Waking up in a pool of your own sweat is uncomfortable and disconcerting. There are several reasons you may be experiencing night sweats. A conversation or visit with your doctor may help you determine exactly what is causing you to sweat e… Source:

  6. Raina Reply:

    Are night sweats a symptom of herpes?

  7. Inger Reply:

    93!5 isnt a low fever, its not a fever at all and its certainly not in the normal range of body temperatures! Hypothermia is a temp below 95! Body temperature can drop before other infection symptoms appear but be absolutely certain youre taking your temperature correctly! Dont take an oral temp within 15 minutes of drinking, eating, smoking, brushing your teeth, talking or taking medicines by mouth! I suggest you get a rectal temp — its the most reliable!What do i have???? — Im sorry but you just cant be diagnosed online, sight unseen or by some one other then an NP, PA, DO or MD! Confirm the temperatures youve gotten and, if you want a diagnosis, see your doctor!

  8. Linsey Reply:

    While some causes of night sweats may be relatively harmless, others may not and can be a sign of a serious underlying disease. While there can be several

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