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What different things could cause you to miss your period?

Stress, illness, change in schedules, medications, weight, miscalculation, menopause, and pregnancy affect the menstrual cycle! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Suzanna Reply:

    This will often stall your period and may cause you to skip it for the month. birth controls continuously and she may prescribe a different type of pill for this to you and causes you to miss days of work or to stay indoors, you may want to find Source:

  2. Nella Reply:

    Jul 4, 2011 Can I delay my period despite not being on the Pill? Changes in the . Could you tell me what other things could cause a missed period?

  3. Emmie Reply:

    Stress, drug use, lack of nutritional dietry intake particularly when the period has not come for a number of months. Source:

  4. Ronald Reply:

    Hormones and/or stress. Going through alot of stress can affect your period. Source:

  5. Tran Reply:

    some sort of std such as siphilous in your stomach lining Source:

  6. Lai Reply:

    I took my bc on weeks ( I take yaz). On day 3 of week 4 I was to start 1 & 2 perfect but on week of 7 tablets & on week 4 I missed 3 I missed 4 out 2 out of 2 tabs my period b

  7. Sharilyn Reply:

    If he did not ejaculate inside of you, you have a 98% chance of not being pregnant! I have heard that pulling out is a good way to have sex and not get pregnant, but it is NOT always effective!

  8. Nydia Reply:

    You may need to see a doctor, there could be other problems. I'v heard of a to your doctor. I don't know of anything that would cause you to skip a period for three months. Same thing happened to me, only for almost a year. I went to see

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