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What does estrogen pills do?

Estrogen is used before and after menopause!Estrogen supplements decrease hot flashes and lower the risk for osteoporosis! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Madeleine Reply:

    High-dose birth control pills, however, keep levels no higher than 50 mcg according to WebMD. Perimenopausal women, however, can increase their estrogen Source:

  2. Hallie Reply:

    Jul 18, 2011 Birth control pills ( oral contraceptives ) take advantage of this effect by When estrogen levels are low, as in menopause, the vagina can

  3. Shalonda Reply:

    Identification Aviane is a birth control pill that may be substituted for the pills Levlite-28 or Lessina, according to The active ingredients in Aviane are the estrogen ethinyl estradiol and the progestin levonorgestrel. Dosage … Source:

  4. Bee Reply:

    Birth control pills combine estrogen and progestin to achieve circumvention of fertility in women through the prevention of ovulation. Available only with prescription, the most common forms of birth control pills that are currently handed … Source:

  5. Trinity Reply:

    The estrogen pill, prescribed by a woman’s doctor to treat the symptoms of menopause, comes with some risks. Although the medication effectively controls hot flashes, heart palpitations and the erratic sleep problems experienced by some wom… Source:

  6. Elmer Reply:

    are estrogen pills considered fertility pills? I want to conceive another of whack. The doctor prescribed me provera child. My cycl had been out to bring my cycle down. Then h

  7. Melaine Reply:

    dont change your body in the first place and be thankful for what you were given!

  8. Karmen Reply:

    No, you should not. Hormonal drugs are for using to correct hormonal imbalance or to prevent or cause pregnancy, not for shape issues. Whatever shaping

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