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What does it mean if you sweat alot while you sleep?

The causes of night sweats (also called "sleep hyperhidrosis") are complex and varied! Hot flashes and night sweats in women, for instance, may be related to menopause, while medications and certain health conditions can cause night sweats in men as well as women! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tawny Reply:

    When you sweat while you are exercising, you are losing water weight, and you are In addition, women store a lot of water in their abdomen, so sweating in that area Your body burns fat while you sleep no matter how fit or unfit you are. Source:

  2. Stefany Reply:

    Mar 8, 2010 If you suffer from excessive sweating while sleeping, you should try to and other people have an issue where they sweat a lot if they do the

  3. Cecelia Reply:

    menopause, aids, or to warm, poss diabetes?? menopause, aids, or to warm, poss diabetes?? Source:

  4. Ilda Reply:

    Answer Enough to fill a pint of milk. Source:

  5. Romaine Reply:

    Possibly you are using too many covers or the room is too warm. Source:

  6. Matha Reply:

    I don’t sweat alot at home, but I sweat a LOT in school? Yeah. I never sweat at home under my arms – well, I do, but it’s not visible. I use Secret Clinical Strength at night

  7. Tracee Reply:

    Your dream means that you have been frightened by the stories in the bible! put it down for a minute and take a deep breath! There!!!isnt that better?? relax and think happy thoughts! you are too young to spend your life being this fearful!

  8. Concetta Reply:

    It makes sense if you think about having the flu vs. a cold. Starve a fever: Digestion does take a lot of energy from the body, but the big reason to avoid food during a "Feed a fever" means bundle up and sweat it out. a piece of cheese or some nuts (the oil will slowly fuel your body and keep you warm while you sleep).

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