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What does it mean if your have hot flashes?

Hot flashes are mostly caused by the hormonal changes of menopause, but can also be affected by lifestyle and medications! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Faviola Reply:

    While most people think that hot flashes are the sole territory of menopausal and men with hot flashes suffer secretly and do not get treatment for the condition. Fortunately, if you are a man having hot flashes, you are not alone and there are Source:

  2. Katheleen Reply:

    Apr 18, 2010 My hot flashes have been CRAZY for at least the last 6-10 months or so. Drenching Ordoes it just mean a period is on its way? Last time the Oh my gosh, if I’m done, and not flashing, I would be thrilled beyond belief.

  3. Hui Reply:

    A hot flash is also known as a hot flush. Women tend to suffer from these when they go through the menopause. Its unknown why women suffer these but they come without warning and can leave the sufferer very uncomfortable and hot. Source:

  4. Maryellen Reply:

    Hot flashes can be caused by different factors. Many woman will have hot flashes because they may be in the time of their life when their going through menopause. Source:

  5. Bobbi Reply:

    Hot flashes are sudden, intense hot feelings on the upper body and face, often accompanied by rapid heartbeat, sweating, nausea, dizziness and headache. They occur in menopause when the body’s ‘thermostat’ gets confused and the brain sends … Source:

  6. Sandi Reply:

    what causes hot flashes after ovulation?does hcg shot and clomids causes hot flashes? this is the 4th day past ovulation ,i have hot flashes,headache and backache.what causes

  7. Debbie Reply:

    When I read your title question I immediately remembered my first pregnancy! In other words, sounds like morning sickness even though mine was more like evening sickness! I would break out in a sweat, feel dizzy, weak, like I was going to pass out, and then I would vomit! It was like my body did everything it could to keep me from getting to the commode so I didnt make a mess! LOL!!! Make an appointment with your gynecologist (do that first since it is sometimes hard to get an appointment soon), then get a pregnancy test and take it at home! If youre not pregnant you can cancel your appointment with the gynecologist and see your GP instead! There is obviously something going on so you should see someone! Good Luck!

  8. Evelyne Reply:

    What does it mean if I have hot flashes loss of appetite and an upset stomach without Does loss of appetite upset stomach mean your period is coming?

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