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What does it mean if your period just stops?

It could mean you’ve hit menopause, you’re very stressed out, delaying it, or, perhaps most obviously, you’re pregnant! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sun Reply:

    If your doctor does not give you guidelines, ask for them. Track your when you start your period and when your period ends. Once the period starts many women believe they are having another miscarriage, when in truth it is just the first miscarriage finally ending. A missed period frequently mean that you're pregnant. Source:

  2. Charlsie Reply:

    Does your period just stop or it stops eventually? If I could just remember things more I would be fine, I often feel like I’m walking around in a

  3. Jami Reply:

    There is no natural way to stop getting your period until menopause. There are, however, medications like birth control pills and shots than can shorten and even eliminate your period. Talk to your doctor about what is available to you. Source:

  4. Ellis Reply:

    There is no way to stop your period. Your body has a period to clean itself out. If your periods are more than 7 days or they are extremely painful then you can talk to your doctor as you might be able to use birth control to help regulate … Source:

  5. Taina Reply:

    If you are on hormonal birth control, better known as the pill, you can stop your body from getting your period. To do this skip the placebo pills in your pack, and you won’t get your menstrual flow. This is great for your wedding day or a … Source:

  6. Shawn Reply:

    My period stopped but now 3 little bit i been getting days later im spotting a nauseated for everything my bodys just weak and tired.

  7. Rosalina Reply:

    I think its called spotting!!!My friend says you can get it while your pregnant!!!but Im not sure if thats true :/

  8. Tressie Reply:

    The period coming to a complete stop is the holy grail of the symptoms and the main symptom of pregnancy. What does it mean when your periods is just spoting

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