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What does it mean when you are shivering when it’s not even cold?

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  1. Loma Reply:

    Indianapolis isn't Miami Beach, but that doesn't mean the party surrounding Super you might not even notice the snowy skies or frigid temperatures threatening to The difference between a pleasurable cold-weather tailgate and a painful one it's important to know there are still plenty of ways to do so without shivering Source:

  2. Emmy Reply:

    Dogs often shake and shiver if they have got wet or even if they are cold. However You should seek veterinary advice if the shivering does not stop after 20 mins or so. If your dog is shaking it usually means that its Cold , Scared or excited !

  3. Drusilla Reply:

    Causes of minor tremor: Normal aging, stress, tiredness, caffeine, alcohol, hypoglycemia, high blood sugar, anger, excitement Source:

  4. Tyisha Reply:

    It is our body’s natural reaction to shiver when we are cold. The body shivers to create and expand energy to warm the body. People often shiver when they have a fever as the body’s temperature is being interrupted. For more information see… Source:

  5. Cathy Reply:

    People shiver when they are cold to try to keep their body temperature from dropping. Muscles contract to generate heat, which gives you the shiver feeling. Personally, I would rather shiver than sweat when I was cold, wouldnt want the swea… Source:

  6. Pat Reply:

    Why is it everytime I get got the living daylights scared scared I get cold? Bone chilling, shivering cold? Around 25 minutes ago I out of me by a phone call, and afterwards g

  7. Emelina Reply:

    Spiders in a dream are connected with deceit,a web of lies!So you have to ask yourself who around you isnt being honest!Or it might be you who is the deceitful one! You say that your grandad had a walnut tree when you were little,so the walnuts in your dream may represent a time in your past when you were happy and carefree!Putting the walnut and the spider together in your dream suggests to me that you have been deceitful and youre terrified you will be found out (represented by the spider) and you wish you were a child again so you dont have to responsible for your actions (represented by the walnuts)!

  8. Towanda Reply:

    No, it is bacteria and/or viruses that cause you to get sick. Also: Being in the cold doesn't mean your body temperature is lowered. Just feeling chilly or even getting "goosebumps" or shivering from the cold weather is not hypothermia.

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