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What does the change of life mean?

The change of life is a euphemism employed to describe female menopause in humans! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Merri Reply:

    What Does It Mean to Be a Beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy? of beneficiary your policy has, as life circumstances change over time and there may come a Source:

  2. Bernadine Reply:

    Meaning the time in a woman’’s life in which the menstrual cycle ends Synonym(s) climacteric (what does climacteric mean?) menopause (what does menopause mean?) Hypernyms(s) change of life is a kind of… Example: animal is a hypernym of mamm

  3. Wilhelmina Reply:

    Life is constantly changing. Seasons change and despite the myth, people do change. Making the decision to change the direction of your life is the first step to living. It is a choice you must make everyday until you reach your goal. Human… Source:

  4. Vertie Reply:

    If you want to change your life, start changing your stile of dressing, living and your behavior. Change everything from the bottom, don’t think about the consequences. Source:

  5. Rosalva Reply:

    How to change your life is all up to you. You need to sit down and decide what things you would like to change about yourself and take some baby steps to change those things. Sometimes life has its own plan for us, but much of the time you … Source:

  6. Ludie Reply:

    help change the rough life Ive lived – would any rich person like and change someones life? I have struggled all my to do a great deed life and worked hard but have never been

  7. Mui Reply:

    Usually dreams come true when your thinking about it a lot to the point where even sleeping it still is stuck in your head so not all dreams come true or even mean something badJust try to think good thoughts and you will feel better

  8. Jody Reply:

    What does the word social life mean? Its the part of your life that you intentionally spend with other people. A word that means change in social studies?

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