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What does week finger nails mean?

The most common cause of weak nails is frequent wetting of the nails!Brittle nails can also result due to malnutrition or lack of adequate nutrients in the diet plan!Weak nails are also observed as a symptom of menopause and the natural aging process! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lilliana Reply:

    But have you ever tried looking at your fingernails to figure out what's going on inside? Blue nails may mean that your body is not receiving enough oxygen, while very Sometimes the bruising occurs weeks before the white spots appear . Source:

  2. Lurlene Reply:

    These lines emerge from under the nail folds weeks later, and allow us to estimate when the .. What does a sudden black thick line on the index finger mean?

  3. Holley Reply:

    Healthy and strong finger nails reflect how well we take care of our nails and hands. Weak and brittle fingernails are most often due to neglect. By protecting fingernails from environmental damage and taking time to moisturize nails, anyon… Source:

  4. Marquerite Reply:

    I’m not a doctor or any medical person of any kind but i may know a little about this through experience of my own. My nails grow around 2 millimeters a week but how I think you can make them grow faster is if you like bite on them or somet… Source:

  5. Bok Reply:

    We have fingernails to protect the ends of our fingers. By having a hard surface like the nails provide, we can do much more with our fingers and hands than we would be able to without them. Source:

  6. Viki Reply:

    got my nails done last week the first day from it. but my right index finger and now my finger is on friday and usually my infected? i got my nails done nails are kind of sore

  7. Roxanna Reply:

    A decent medical man or woman can tell all sorts of things about you by looking at your nails! I remember reading somewhere that when they once dug up a body from God knows where they were able to tell that the owner had had some dreadful disease a couple of months before he died – and that was only by LOOKING – none of the chemical tests!

  8. Alexa Reply:

    What does it mean if your fingers are long and skinny? that you are probably good at playing the piano, duhhh.=]lol. How long do fingers nails grow in a week ?

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