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What is a period? (a womens period)?

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  1. Estefana Reply:

    Most women who breast-feed their infants exclusively will skip periods for months after Typically, a woman's period will return once the body adjusts to the new Source:

  2. Magen Reply:

    Periods are a part of life for most women. A period happens when your body releases an unfertilized egg and you bleed vaginally for an average of 5 days. Some women have heavy periods, some have lighter ones. Source:

  3. Felicita Reply:

    Every woman’s body is different so it can be normal for women to have a period that last only one day. If you have concerns about this then you should speak to a doctor. Source:

  4. Joetta Reply:

    Women have periods because they are in the childbearing years of their life. Every month a woman’s body gets ready to become pregnant. The lining of the uterus thickens with blood in expectation of a fertilized egg. If no egg implants, the … Source:

  5. Bree Reply:

    Had my period around the 7th of december 2009 & stoped the heavy flow around the 14th I had a the 10th. Then from the 12th to very light pink discharge. While I had my period

  6. Andrea Reply:

    you can test! many things can delay it,if she is worried, stressed, medication can effect it, exercise, never heard of weather but maybe!Also medication can make her birth control(assuming shes on it) less affective! fyi!have her take a hot shower! heat can bring her period too!good luck

  7. Svetlana Reply:

    The belief that sex during a woman's period could be somehow dangerous or unhealthy has its origins in myths such as these. The reality is that menstrual blood

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