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What is the earliest age you can get menopause?

The average age most women experience menopause is 51 (although it can occur as early as your late 30s or as late as your 60s)! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Kyoko Reply:

    Menopause Symptoms. Have you missed your period, or had an unusually light one? menopause. Many of the symptoms are similar, so middle age A woman can still get pregnant in the early menopausal stages. Until you have not Source:

  2. Gerald Reply:

    Nov 1, 2011 But you might not have menopause symptoms like hot flashes right then In this case, menopause symptoms can start right away, no matter what age you are, Maybe you can’t fall asleep easily, or you wake too early.

  3. Sena Reply:

    Most women begin to experience some type of gradual slowdown of their reproductive cycle resulting in premenopause symptoms -MORE? Source:

  4. Erlene Reply:

    The average age for menopause is from the late forties or early fifties on into the sixties for some. Pre-menopause starts in the forties for most women. Everybody is different of course. Source:

  5. Jeffrey Reply:

    Menopause can start at almost any age.The avg age is about 51 or so.However,any age after 35 is considered to "normal menopause". Source:

  6. Lorina Reply:

    At what earliest age can you? In other words, what degree(s) of black belt is necessary? or what is the earliest age you have heard of become a sensui for Karate to open a bus

  7. Annabell Reply:

    Perimenopause can start in women as early as their mid-30s! She is displaying many of the symptoms of perimenopause but without a hormone blood test or knowing more about her cycles, there is no way to tell for sure!It could also be that she is just having a tough couple of weeks!

  8. Micheline Reply:

    Is there a certain age for women to have menopause? that you are having an early menopause otherwise you may be treated for a range of other disorders.

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