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What is the longest time a girl has been on her period?

In both teens & women nearing menopause, hormonal changes can cause long periods (40 days)! Contact ur Dr! if u have long periods! Any Suggestions here?


  1. evelyn Reply:

    cause your body is suck?

  2. Sarah Reply:

    My aunty’s periods last for 13 and a half days. However, mine is pretty normal i guess my mum saved me from 13 day period thankfully.

  3. Herma Reply:

    Girls typically get their first period between the ages of 8 and 16, with Rather than one long talk about menstruation, you might find your preteen more Optimally, reproduction and questions about her body will have been Puberty can be tough time in a girl's life, especially when it comes to Having your first period. Source:

  4. Darcel Reply:

    my gf had her period last month on the 19th and sh… my gf had her period last month on the 19th and she still hasnt started! whats the longest a girl can be late? So she has missed two periods? If she doesn’t get her period by the time she’s two weeks late and a pregnancy test is negative, she needs

  5. Anne Reply:

    Around two months. Source:

  6. Lorrie Reply:

    There are no records kept for menstrual cycles. Menstrual irregularities can happen in women with hormone imbalances. Source:

  7. Lolita Reply:

    9 months because she is pregnant Source:

  8. Julia Reply:

    My period has been missing for the longest time~not sure what to think here hour ago in pregnancy but…? OK, so I posted this an I don’t see my question posted anywhere so I’

  9. Glinda Reply:

    Pregnancy is covered by the ADA! They are supposed to make reasonable accommodations! What those are is hard to tell without a lot more information!

  10. Ligia Reply:

    Hello. xxTheres not much you can do if your period doesn't come on time.If your in the first 12months of starting your period, its probably because your body is

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