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What makes someone become lethargic?

Causes for someone to become lethargic, or have lack of energy include: depression, head injury, high or low blood pressure, overuse of drugs or alcohol, poor nutrition, diabetes, mononucleosis, measles, thyroid gland disorders, hepatitis, bronchitis, jaundice, menopause, allergies, or environmental pollutants! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Genna Reply:

    Sneezing and lethargy in cats can be signs of more serious problems. Lethargy is just one of the side effects of a URI and can be addressed effectively by encouraging nourishment and providing more Why Does a Cat Sneeze Blood? Source:

  2. Jacqulyn Reply:

    Overcome Lethargy now and make the first move to a happier life. If someone is happy with being lethargic and just being along for the ride that’s ok but most

  3. Francine Reply:

    Answer Doctors feel that this could be genetic (cannot prove this yet) or, that a person was raised in an environment where the people around them (mainly parents) didn’t care about them and treated them poorly. One or both parents in many … Source:

  4. Marceline Reply:

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  5. Myrl Reply:

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  6. Kandra Reply:

    What makes someone totally lethargic in getting started in the mornings the afternoons. I have a hard time? but can function, and at night I think clearer, but in the afternoo

  7. Lanora Reply:

    Take a deep breath

  8. Sherilyn Reply:

    Many things can make you lethargic such as too much food, too little food, too much sleep, too little How many people are affected each year with pink eye?

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