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When do periods go away?

Generally, women have their period until they go through menopause, when it stops! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Alline Reply:

    The length of a period varies from woman to woman. While it's difficult to alter the length of your natural cycle, there are some things you can do to help your period go Water helps to flush away toxins that may interfere with menstrual flow. Source:

  2. Marquitta Reply:

    How to make cramps go away durning periods? I have athletics and there is no freaking’ way i will be able to run with cramps. Is there anything BESIDES

  3. Tiara Reply:

    Although I personally have never been able to make bruises go away there are some things that make them less visible. Ice or ice water right after it happens can help. After about 2 days you can also try hot compresses to the area. Unfortun… Source:

  4. Launa Reply:

    You can’t get rid of Aunt Flow faster. She will leave when she is ready. You can speak with your doctor about taking birth control which may help to shorten your periods by regulating your monthly cycle. Source:

  5. Kymberly Reply:

    Unfortunately with the exception of birth control there is no way to make your period go away faster. If you talk to your doctor he or she can recommend a way to shorten your period using a form of birth control. Source:

  6. Iola Reply:

    Schools In England. (Periods/Blocks. Terms/Marking Periods. Sports. Uniforms.)? 1. In America we have periods/blocks which signify different classes. Like in between bells.

  7. Tristan Reply:

    Your average sentence length is getting shorter! Longer sentences give a higher score!

  8. Raisa Reply:

    Answer. A hot pad placed on your tummy will probably help. Ibuprofen works better than acetominophen. Some women find exercising helps. If none of this

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