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When does spotting occur?

Spotting of blood can occur in between periods and may be a sign of menopause in older women! Not Everyday though! for now! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tinisha Reply:

    Spotting can occur in the early stages of pregnancy. Spotting can also occur while on birth control, if you have recently switched pill brands or types of Source:

  2. Lester Reply:

    Spotting, in relation to menstruation can happen sometimes before, during, or after your period. If it happens during pregnancy make sure you let your obstetrician know.

  3. Etsuko Reply:

    Hot spots usually occur in any area that contains a volcano nearby. The magma from the volcano is trapped under ground and begins to heat things up. Source:

  4. Ione Reply:

    Spotting can sometimes occur when the embryo implants into the uterine wall. If there is anything more than a light spotting, you should consult a doctor immediately or possibly a hospital if the blood flow is heavy. Source:

  5. Vickie Reply:

    Spotting is any small amount of bleeding from the vagina in a normal female. It usually does not have much significance. However, spotting by a pregnant female could sometimes be a sign of possible miscarriage. Source:

  6. Marina Reply:

    When exactly does spotting occur? Is it right when fertilization occurs or when implantation occurs? Thanks!

  7. Lurlene Reply:

    If you are talking about implantation bleeding, I think it is too early for that! You do have a chance of getting pregnant at any time during the month, but, right after your period, your chances are slim! You are most fertile 10-14 days after your period, not right after!

  8. Adeline Reply:

    When does implantation bleeding occur? Implantation bleeding usually occurs 1 week after conception. Do every woman have implantation bleeding? noonly

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