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When does your period end?

You don’t hit menopause until it’s been one year since your final menstrual period! It happens at age 51 as an average! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Bernita Reply:

    One thing that may spoil your night of big fun is your period. Although a necessary part of female maturity, your period can stop you from enjoying planned or Source:

  2. Leena Reply:

    I think it’s technically considered as the time you actually stop bleeding. (when only brown, dried blood and tissue is left) but most consider it to be when everything sops.

  3. Tien Reply:

    There is no way you can make your period end sooner. Your body has a period to cleanse itself. If you are having problems with your cycle, see your doctor as you can use birth control to regulate it. Source:

  4. Dede Reply:

    There is no way to stop your menstral cycle once it starts, your cycle will run it’s course. It’s just part of being a woman, and there’s not anything you can do about it. Source:

  5. Belia Reply:

    There is no way that you can end your period sooner. When you have your period your body is cleansing itself so you cannot defy what nature does. If your periods seem too long then talk to your doctor. Source:

  6. Mayme Reply:

    I get my period every other week i just want to month ….write now im on my period Saturday ? when would i be able i shall end it on to conceive ? i have a appointment next k

  7. Freda Reply:

    It does differ woman to woman! For me, I start bleeding on the second or third placebo pill! Its very light, and it usually stops by the last placebo! Once I take the first active pill of the next pack, I am completely done bleeding!Since you just started the pill, your period may be a bit wonky; the length, amount, and time you bleed probably wont be consistent for the first few packs because your body is still adjusting to taking hormones! But once youve been taking the pill for several months, youll most likely be able to know exactly what day you will begin bleeding (sometimes even what time of day!), how heavy it will be, and how long itll last! The pill is pretty awesome! :)

  8. Tona Reply:

    Relevant answers: When will your period end? When do you end your period? periods usually end at Does every sentence end with a period? No because

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