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Why do I sweat so much in my sleep when its not even hot?

This could be a symptom of Menopause if you are a female! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Kimberli Reply:

    It is also the reason that water, even warm water, makes us feel cold as it lead an active lifestyle will sweat more easily and more profusely than those who do not. issue, it's important to see your doctor or dermatologist as soon as practicable. Why Does My Dog Pant So Much? Why Do Newborns Sleep So Much? Source:

  2. Margrett Reply:

    It gets even worse when I am around people or in public and it’s ruining my life. . to that kid on crutches and its still hot so i am trying to not wear a sweatshirt. I really don’t sweat that much but it’s still enough that people can see it. What it does is closes up your underarm pores/sweat glands, while you are sleeping.

  3. Youlanda Reply:

    You might want to get your thyroid checked, an inefficient thyroid can cause excess sweating. Or it maybe from rubbbing. Source:

  4. Tommye Reply:

    Infections, fever, malignancy and other diseases can cause night sweats. Source:

  5. Cathrine Reply:

    Stress, anger, anxiety, low testosterone, hyperthyroidism, etc. Source:

  6. Davida Reply:

    If I Go Too Sleep With My Sweat Pant’s and Sweat Shirt on will With My Sweat Pants and I Loose Weight ? If I Go Too Sleep Sweat Shirt on, Under a Very Big cover. Will I be abl

  7. Kathe Reply:

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  8. Augustina Reply:

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