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Why do my ears get bright red sometimes?

Dilation of blood vessels (coming in from the cold) can cause red ears! It can also happen when you blush, be a sign of an allergy and in women, a sign and symptom of menopause! anytime! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Liz Reply:

    Red ears are common, but they can also be embarrassing. Some people are insecure about the appearance of bright red ears, which sometimes happens at strange or inopportune times, but Why Do My Ears Get Cold When I Workout? Source:

  2. Patty Reply:

    What does it mean when my ear gets bright red and hot? I have noticed it happen sometimes when I have a few drinks, and I understand that. But why does it

  3. Felicita Reply:

    This may happen when your pet is too warm or excited. Source:

  4. Joanna Reply:

    Not medical advice: Ears become red because of increased blood flow. If you have ear pain, see MD. Source:

  5. Sima Reply:

    Your ears sometimes get really red because you might feel nervous or embarrass or u blush these thing can make ur face feel like it’s burning up and make ur ears red Source:

  6. Malissa Reply:

    why does my skin get red and blotchy (especially on the tops of my red? could it be a symtpom hands) and my ears turn bright of hight blood pressure, is it a symtpom of some s

  7. Tandy Reply:

    this happens to me sometimes too! theres times when I just like heat up, like my cheeks/face or my ears! I dont know what it is, but usually when it happens Im overwhelmed, anxious, embarrassed, or something else! If you get some kind of info, please share :)

  8. Desirae Reply:

    when my dog gets runnin around and gets hot she gets like a heat rash kinda on her chest and it turns red. What does it mean when a dog's ears turn red?

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