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Why have i not started my period?

Reasons your period could be late:pregnancy, stress, illness, change in schedule, medications, overweight, underweight, menopause! Keep ‘ing! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Brittny Reply:

    If you do not start Yasmin the first day of your period, you will have to use barrier If you started Yasmin on a Sunday, take the remaining pills as usual and then Source:

  2. Neta Reply:

    Wow! You must see a doctor. Questions are: are you aneroxic? If you are, I wouldn’t be surprised. Weight loss o not enough weight can cause no periods. Also, some women have I’ve heard a hymen that doesn’t let blood pass. You must see a doc

  3. Lilliana Reply:

    There is really no way to start your period early unless you are taking a birth control. If you stop taking your pills, it will make your period come early. This is helpful if you’re going on a vacation and you don’t want to have it then. Source:

  4. Lisandra Reply:

    You can probably expect your next period to start about 28 days from the start of your last period. This is assuming that you have a 28 day cycle that is regular. Many women have longer or shorter cycles and not all are regular. Source:

  5. Evie Reply:

    There is no ‘how to’ manual for your period. It will come when your body is ready for it. Taking birth control pills or other birth control medications can help to regulate your period so that it will start at the same time each month. Source:

  6. Senaida Reply:

    Alright i got a blood test, the day i got my done for pregancy but it unprotected sex for a month came back negative, my boyfriend and i have after i got my period bloodwork i

  7. Nakia Reply:

    iits definetly the birth control pills!!!!!!they can delay you 2- 4 weeks!!!!so wait for a bit!!!!!if not!!!!seee ur doctor

  8. Elin Reply:

    Yes you can, but, if you haven't start your period at all then it means you are too young so don't! If you have started your periods and obviously wonder if you can

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