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How does Exercise Improve Your Health

You may have such questions as How Does Exercise Improve Mental Health and How To Exercise Your Brain And Improve Your Health,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Is Exercise Good For Your Health. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Can Exercise Physical Activity Improve Health,too. Read more as following:

Exercise improves your health, by improving your heart, muscles, and other organs. Exercising can greatly reduce your risk for many serious health problems down the road. It can reduce high blood pressure, can help prevent diabetes, and also increases your heart health.

How does Exercise Improve Mental Health?

We know that exercise has positive effects on the brain. Researchers at Duke University demonstrated several years ago that exercise can be an effective antidepressant. Other research has shown that exercise can improve the brain functioning of the e... More »

How to exercise your brain and improve your health?

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Why is Exercise Good for Your Health?

Exercise is a major benefit to your overall health. It improves blood flow, helps you stay in shape and lose wait, and even improves your organs functioning.... More »

How does exercise improve health and fitness?

Because is good.... More »

Why does exercise improve people's mental health in the long-term?

Exercise increases the flow of oxygen to the brain. This helps you think, and thinking does actually keep your brain and mental health in good shape as you age. ... More »

How to improve the writing exercises?

1. Write a short story, using a writing prompt to get started. Use the following writing prompt or one like it found at the Writer's Digest Web site. You wake up to discover you have switched bodies with your daughter's stuffed teddy bear. Write the... More »


  1. Aditiya Reply:

    Meditation and fasting were the two ancient methods used by people to help achieve inner peace.

    But what about exercise? Does it have any benefit besides just physical and emotional health?
    Can it help you open up your spirit?

  2. Nancy Reply:

    Certain foods to eat, certain liquids to drink, anything to do really. (besides medicine 😛 I hate cold medicine)
    Also, will exercise improve your health or is laying on the couch all day better?

  3. Ichee Reply:

    I’m an athlete, so I’m all about exercise. However, I have some friends and family members who would greatly improve their health/lose weight, if they exercised on a regular basis (even just walking). How can I motivate them to exercise, without seeming like I’m nagging them?

  4. Curlyqsbabe Reply:

    Along with the proper treatment? Im suffering from sever anxiety and psychosis, and my diet consist of nothing but fatty foods, and sodas, with no exercise at all. If i started eating healthier, drank water, and exercised everyday, would that improve my mental health?

  5. Geonadsyin Reply:

    I think the real reason people are getting fatter is because of the cheap price and wide availability of unhealthy foods.

    Why isn’t there a focus on this to improve health, rather than thinking it is just a lack of activity and exercise?

  6. Virginia Reply:

    I already have pretty good health, for example I go to a gym regularly and buy my own health foods. But this does tend to be quite expensive at times. What can I do to save money but improve my health?

  7. Andres Reply:

    What can they do to improve health?
    I do quite a bit of exercise at work, but still its very very low.

  8. Chloe A Reply:

    There are lots of things that can help improve health and wellness, but I need to know the most important thing that can help.

  9. Kwame Reply:

    Hi. I’M 14 and I have left ventricular hypertrophy and mitral regirgiation because of late complications of hypertension. I was wondering what kind of exercise can improve my health. Can I do aerobic( I’m form of bike riding)? Will this help my condition or worsen it? What do you recommend for me?

  10. Arely Diaz Reply:

    It can encourage a child to eat more vegetables and take exercise, improving their health.

  11. J.r. Reply:

    Let me know what keeps you from getting at least a moderate amount of exercise to help improve your health and/or self confidence. Also, do you have any plans on making a change today or are you gonna be one of those new years resolution making people who just always seem to fail (most of them).

  12. Hay Lolz Reply:

    In general, what kind of diet and exercise will help me improve my health?

  13. Nikki Noroozipour Reply:

    I am not trying to lose weight but people say exercising helps improve health. I skip ropes each day for half an hour and take a few breaks. I dont sweat so would this still improve my health?

  14. Obamao Reply:

    doctor is recommending exercise to improve health. he does not like sports at all. Enjoys TV, eating, reading comics, his dog.

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