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Why does Your Hair Grow

You may have such questions as What Causes Hair To Grow and How Fast Does Human Hair Grow,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Grow Black Hair. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Grow Hair Faster Recipes,too. Read more as following:

Hair grows because that is the natural order of the human body. If you have a healthy immune system the follicles on your scalp will take cells and create hair on the scalp. Hair is made up of the same thing as fingernails.

What causes hair to grow?

Hair growth starts at the hair matrix. At the hair matrix, hair cells begin to divide and multiply. These cells begin to form the structures of the hair, as well as the inner root sheath. These epithelial cells also mix with melanocytes, which produc... More »

How Fast does Human Hair Grow?

Hair normally grows at the rate of about 1/2 inch per month (6 inches per year). With age, that growth can slow to 1/10th of an inch per month. You can maximize your hair's genetic growth cycle by including amino acids and B-vitamins in your diet, in... More »

How to grow black hair?

1. Nourish your body. Commit to eating a well balanced diet every day. This means you should incorporate the recommended amounts of vitamin D, calcium, protein, fiber, omega-3 and B12 into your diet on a daily basis. All are essential vitamins and mi... More »

How fast does hair grow?

Hair is a keratinized protein that is part of the integumentary system. Hair grows out of hair follicles embedded deep in the dermis. The only part of the hair that is alive is the root. The rest of the hair shaft is made up entirely of dead cells ca... More »

How to grow facial hair?

1. Wait. You grow facial hair better as you age. If you're already an adult, then you may need to see a doctor to have your testosterone levels checked. A low testosterone level can effect how you grow facial hair. 2. Check your genetic background. C... More »

How to Grow Hair Faster?

To make your hair grow faster, you need to take good care of your hair. Do this by not washing it as often and brushing it with care. You can also take a multivitamin. Visit the website, ... More »


  1. Gingerhairedgirl Reply:

    I read that hair grows on average about half an inch every month, so about 6 inches every year. Is it possible to make hair grow even faster than that?

  2. Nacho Reply:

    Is there anything I can do to make my hair grow faster? How about making it stronger and healthier?

  3. Dj.skitlz Reply:

    I’ve been told that braiding your hair often or getting hair extensions helps your hair grow. I don’t understand. How?

    Also, what are some ways to grow out short hair? I’m not trying to make it really long. Just shoulder-length.

  4. Veronica Reply:

    My hair grows pretty slowly (about 1 inch every 4 months) and I was wondering if there are any shampoos that claim to make hair grow faster. Or if anyone has used any.

  5. Tamie Thompson Reply:

    Don’t care about the price–I need something that will make my hair grow FAST. I have hair thats a little past my shoulders and I would like it to be down to my ribs. HELP!

    Links are appreciated.

  6. Dramaqueen! Reply:

    Is there anyway to make your hair grow longer faster? I have think hair. I get perms a lot(not the curly ones. the perms that straighten your hair)

    I also get twisties in my hair occasionally. Do twists help your hair grow?

  7. Celeste Reply:

    What do you need to eat to make your hair grow faster? Any other tips on growing your hair?

  8. Brandon York Reply:

    How long can hair grow in 2 and a half months?
    I’m keeping my hair really healthy and i want to know how long would it grow in 2 & 1/2 months?

  9. I Love My Kitten Reply:

    I’ve been trying to make my hair grow faster, nothings working, or at least it doesnt seem that way. Any suggestions?

  10. Melegrace Reply:

    What are natural hair remedies to make your hair grow? I have tried store products and none seem to work but i heard home remedies are most likely to work.

    Another Question: Does Canola Oil help hair? If so what does it do?

  11. Jeff Reply:

    How long do I let my hair grow to get braids or cornrows ?

    I have short hair right now How long ? How many months do i have to wait ?

  12. Trel Reply:

    I am native american and i want to make my hair grow faster. Are there any products or techniques that can make hair grow faster?

  13. Gertrude Reply:

    And does shorter hair grow faster? How fast? My hair is only about down to the middle of my neck.I don’t like it.My mom chopped it off because I dyed my hair.Anyways,so how much does hair grow in a day? Does shorter hair grow pretty fast? And how can I make my hair grow faster?

  14. Jax13 Reply:

    Apparently, when you take a shower everyday, your hair grows faster. But I heard it makes your scalp dry, and you get dandruff. And im doing this to get a certain haircut. But I cant find a faster way to make my hair grow faster and become thick.
    Hairstyling tips pleaseee.

  15. Aime Reply:

    Which shampoo and conditioner brand makes your hair grow the fastest? I really want my hair to grow long and fast. Which brand makes it grow the fastest?

  16. The Mysterious Girl Reply:

    I need some tips that would help my hair grow faster and thicker and be healthier. My hair isn’t in great condition and i feel like it grows at a turtles pace. Please tell me something that would help.

  17. Horses456 Reply:

    I want to make my chin hair grow faster. I heard the more often you shave, the faster your facial hair will grow. So if I were to shave my facial hair once a day, will it grow faster than shaving once a week?

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