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How do Shrooms Effect the Human Body

You may have such questions as How Do Shrooms Effect The Human Body and How Do Drugs Effect The Human Body,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Does Alcohol Effect The Human Body. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Human Body Organ Diagram,too. Read more as following:

From what I know, hallucinogenic mushrooms affect the body by poisoning it. It is a toxin to the human body and the effect is a hallucinogenic episode.

How do 'shrooms' effect the human body?

Shrooms can cause increased blood pressure, sweating, nausea, and hallucinations. ChaCha: So ...... More »

How do Drugs Effect the Human Body?

Drugs affect the human body in many ways but it can also affect the brain. When taking drugs it can have a euphoric affect and it can also result in weight loss. For more information look here: ... More »

How does Alcohol Effect the Human Body?

Alcohol slow the function of the central nervous system. It is a depressant. It usually blocks some of the messages that are trying to get to the brain. It alters the persons perceptions and emotions.... More »

How does Aids Effect the Human Body?

AIDS attacks the immune system in a human body. Therefore it is very hard to fight off other infections. People that have AIDS are put in the hospital for a minor cold because their body can not fight it off.... More »


  1. Ashleigh Reply:

    do you get scared? like what goea threw your brain? do you actually see things or do things just get misshaped?

  2. Oli Reply:

    Which is the worst drug?

    Alot of people say PCP is. Alot of people say Meth is. What can they do to the human body? What if both are taken?

    If its neither to you, then which is the worst drug to you?
    (im not taking the drugs, i just want to know the damages on the body)

  3. Owen Reply:
  4. Alli99 Reply:

    yes or no and why? if you havent taken them then dont answer. please consider their effect on the human mind more than on the body, because theyre not harmful so stop believing the lies

  5. Shay Reply:

    what is it like to be on shrooms, i am curious and want to try it

  6. Emerald Reply:

    Now Ive smoked pott for 2 years, but I wanna quit, and try some
    Thing else. I’m 17. Are there any things I can do to get high in a different way?

  7. Hey Jude Reply:

    I heard it was less toxic than shrooms. And it is also safer than marijuana cause of the smoke.

    Thats just what I heard from some supposed “expert” but not sure if its true.

  8. Die Potato Reply:

    Me and a few friends wanna try shrooms for the first time when we go camping in august… Yes I know DRUGS ARE BAD! I am certainly aware of that. But we don’t really know that much and I would like to get information from somebody that has done them before.

    Any tips?

  9. Nitosha Reply:

    Is weed better or are shrooms?
    (Never tried it)

  10. Mahmoud Reply:

    Im planing on eating shrooms on thanksgiving and i was just wondering if it has any permanent effects

  11. Monique Reply:

    I’m not into or intending to get into anything hard such as heroin, coke, meth, etc., and please save the anti-drug spiels for someone else. As of now I only do shrooms on occasion.

  12. David S The Best Reply:

    Do you get concerned about yourself?

    Do you ever think about drinking to change your mood? What stops you?

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