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How do I Dry Up my Milk Supply

You may have such questions as Why Is My Milk Supply Decreasing and How To Dry Up Your Breast Milk Supply,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Increase Milk Supply. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Can I Increase My Milk Supply by Pumping,too. Read more as following:

A woman’s milk supply may dry up if she doesn’t breast feed or pump her breast regularly after pregnancy. Medications were used in the past, but were stopped due to serious side effects. To dry up their milk faster, some women place cabbage leaves in their bra for a few days and try to avoid any breast stimulation.

Why is my milk supply decreasing?

I have been pumping exclusively for my baby for almost 4 months and it's going great, so don't let anyone discourage you or tell you that it can't be done. You didn't mention what pump you're using but I had to swich from the Medela Double Select ele... More »

How to Dry Up Your Breast Milk Supply

If you've nursed for one day or one year or not at all, you still need to know the essentials for depleting your milk supply with the least pain possible. It's important to know that nature will eventually succeed in drying up your milk supply, but t... More »

How to increase milk supply?

Pumping is a learned skill, and not everyone can do it or do it easily/well. ... More »

How to Increase Breast Milk Supply?

There are very simple ways to increase your breast milk supply. Offer both breasts at both feeding and/or pump your breast at least 8-12 times daily if possible. You can also drink certain herbal teas or get a prescription from your doctor. Certain f... More »

How to Dry Up Breast Milk?

There really isn't a safe way to stop nursing/pumping that is fast. Your body needs time to step down or you risk mastitis. I was still nursing, but weaned off pumping at work after he was past a year. i did it by slowly moving my break time later 7... More »

How do I Increase my Milk Supply?

To increase milk supply the breast needs extra stimulation from the baby and nurse constantly, nap witht the baby and keep them on the breast offering it to them constantly. If you need to turn to medication, there are prescription and natural remedi... More »


  1. Clare Reply:

    I got really sick and had to take some meds that required me to not nurse, I’ve been wanting to wean her anyway she is almost 19 months, so I just stopped, cold turkey. How long will it take for my milk supply to dry up (It’s been like a week and I still like feel like I have milk in there).

  2. Tttt Reply:

    If I go more than 2 consecutive days without breastfeeding my baby my milk supply dries up. Last time it took me 3 WEEKS to make milk, just from feeding my son formula for 3 DAYS. Any suggestions on how to increase my milk supply?

  3. Rahul Reply:

    My baby is three weeks old and she doesn’t seem to be satisfied after nursing. Does that mean my milk supply is drying up?

  4. Clover Bunny Reply:

    I’m a teacher and it’s hard for me to pump when I’m at work because there is always something to do. I feed my daughter before she goes to daycare and when we are at home she only gets breast milk. I’m worried that if I continue to not pump while I’m at school, my milk supply will dry out.

  5. Mickaykay Xx Reply:

    Alright, I’m planning on weaning my daughter at 1 year, and I was wondering how do you wean them? How hard is it? How hard is it to dry up your milk?

  6. Theresa C Reply:

    My wife is weaning our daughter off of breast milk and has very engorged and painfull breast. She was told not to pump or it will only prolong the process of reducing milk supply. Will this cabbage thing work? Or what else can she do to help herself.

  7. Nikki Hales Reply:

    I am going to breastfeed until my baby is over a year old or whenever she is ready, I have been breastfeeding my baby since birth, she is 6 weeks old. Is my milk supply already established?

  8. Harsheeta Reply:

    My partner is currently breast-feeding our daughter but she will be going back to work soon(our daughter will be 6 months old) – she is keen to continue feeding morning/evening but is not sure how to go about this so she doesn’t lose her milk supply – Any suggestions?

  9. Tuesday P Reply:

    3 weeks in to breast feeding and ready to stop. I want to know some of the fastest ways you mommies know of to dry up milk supply…..thanx so much
    im not asking for your opinions on my decision! I know what is suggested. If your gonna answer the ? please do so without commenting! Thanks =)

  10. Dan Reply:

    I have been pumping for almost 3 months now, and have decided to stop due to the lowering quantity of my milk supply. I have heard that it is painful. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  11. Tiffany Reply:

    May be pregnant and milk supply has dramatically decreased.

    Have any of you experienced this while pregnant and breastfeeding?

  12. Erica Reply:

    I am breastfeeding my 2 month old son and I have an infection and I was given Amoxcillin for it. Will it dry up my milk supply? Can anyone help?

  13. Tia Rae Reply:

    I got stung by a nasty wasp last night and I had a bad reaction. I heard that taking benadryl with dry up milk supply. I am worried cause I just took it and I’m nursing my 3 mo old. Will taking it once really decrease it?

  14. Brea Reply:

    So I weaned my 13 month old and I have been wearing cabbage leaves in my bra to help with engorgement and to dry up my milk supply for 6 days now. How long did you wear cabbage leaves for?

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