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How are Eye Glasses Made

You may have such questions as How Are Glass Eyes Made and Who Invented Eye Glasses,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is Glass Made Up Of. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to What Materials Are in Eyeglasses,too. Read more as following:

Eyeglasses are made in a factory. The eyeglass is put into the machine as a generic eyeglass. The machine grinds the glass to the proper prescription and shapes it to the proper size.

How are glass eyes made?

Why Are Glass Eyes Made? The use of glass eyes has been around for a long time. Made as an ocular prosthesis for those losing an eye through accident or disease, prosthetic eyes for humans may still be referred to as "glass eyes" but are now made of... More »

Who Invented Eye Glasses?

Most historians give the Chinese credit for the invention of eyeglass frames. More than 2000 years ago, they carved the first frames out of tortoiseshells to protect their eyes from evil forces.... More »

What is Glass Made Up of?

Although the exact chemical make up of glass may vary most glass has silica, lime, sodium carbonate, magnesium oxide and aluminum oxide in it. This was taken basically from window glass, other types of glass such as shatter proof might contain other... More »

How are Glass Bottles Made?

I found that the glass bottle process begins when raw supplies are received these materials are then moved through a gravity feed method to a weightier and mixer there the materials are combined with recycled glass to make sure a uniform liquefying.... More »

What is Glass Made Out of?

Glass is made out of silica, soda lime and magnesium oxide. The ingredients are heated to the melting point, then sodium sulfate or sodium chloride is added to reduce the bubbles. ... More »

When was Glass First Made?

Glass was first discovered to have been man-made as early as the middle of the third millennium BC. It has been found in archaeological sites fashioned into beads. For more information see here: ... More »


  1. Celeste Reply:

    Okay so i wear glasses, and i’ve been wearing them for about 5-6 years now, But i just recently got contacts, but my glasses made me have these circles under my eyes and, and i just hate them they make me look older! is there ANY way i can get rid of them? Pleasee!
    Thank you so much:)

  2. Terai Reply:

    I know that high index lenses are suppose to be thinner lenses for people with very high prescription glasses, but do they also make your eyes look normal? I have a very high prescription and previous glasses made my eyes look tiny, are there any lenses that won’t do that?

  3. Superwaffleman57 Reply:

    I bought a jaguar eye glasses frame recently for about 60$. it is written made in germany.and on internet when I went through some other eye glasses frames it was minimuM of $ how can I judge weather it is real or no?

  4. Music Buff Reply:

    Hello! I was wondering where I can get customized safety glasses. I have a different shaped face and the glasses that I try on don’t cover my eyes well. I would like a pair of safety glasses made specifically for me. What company does this?


  5. Lauren Evans Reply:

    I bought a pair of progressive lens eye glasses that I want to return for a single vision pair.

  6. Crazyfromla Reply:

    I broke my glasses and made an appointment for a new pair but until then, I need to have a pair to wear. Do they like have -4? If not how high power?
    Without a walmart exam done. Off the shelf.

  7. Beardedbaby1377 Reply:

    I recall my mother who is mentally ill not being covered for dental and eye glasses. She now has denture because she couldn’t afford to pay for the fillings. I could be wrong, but I remember it was Romney that made it so.

  8. Gerald P Reply:

    I recently switched from glasses to contacts and I have got bags under my eyes, maybe because glasses have made my eyes tired. Anyway do you have any tips on how to get rid of them?

  9. Thecoolestpersonalive Reply:

    Is the stuff in the spray bottles that eye glass places give you to clean glasses or the similar stuff you can buy really better (or worse) than water?
    Is the stuff from the eye doctor different that the stuff you can buy? What ingredients should be in it and what should be avoided?

  10. Carlee Reply:

    I wear eye glasses. My nose pads turn greenish in color because of sweat. What to do? Is there a lotion or cream I have to use to stop this?

  11. Esycompany Reply:

    I have one of the weakest prescriptions in my eye glasses that are made. They are just used to clarify objects that are farther than 6 feet away. How can I improve my eye sight to where I don’t need them at all? Thank you!

  12. Dobie Reply:

    grade 2000 like you would use for your car, then rub it with a rubbing compound to fix the scratches ?? My eye glass is plastic made, and it has scratch spots here and there…

  13. Ally Reply:

    when was the first eye glass? made how did they know how to make it ?

  14. Theresa Reply:

    How do you remove guerilla glue off my eye glasses?
    made the mistake and used it to fix something on my glasses one some of it got on the lens, anybody know of something?

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