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How can I Make Myself Go Blind

You may have such questions as What Can I Do to Make Myself Go into Labor Sooner and How Do People Go Blind,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Caused Ray Charles To Go Blind. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Causes of Blindness,too. Read more as following:

If you want to know how to make yourself go blind, close your eyes. There is no safe or natural method to use in order for you to become blind. Scientist try finding ways to cure blindness, not cause it.

How do people go blind?

Accidents. Accidents are a major cause of blindness. The eye is an extremely delicate organ that you can damage easily. Knives, scissors, pencils and other sharp objects; fireworks and other projectiles; and many different chemicals can partially or... More »

What Caused Ray Charles to Go Blind?

Ray Charles started to lose his eyesight at the age of five. Ray went totally blind at the age of seven. The rumor is that Ray had a infection in his eyes that was not taken care of.... More »

How did ray Charles go blind?

It seems that Ray Charles had Glaucoma. He started to go blind when he was five, and completely lost his sight when he was seven. No, Ray Charles became blind by looking at the sun a lot.... More »

How to Make Myself Go Into Labor?

There are a few things you can try when it comes to inducing yourself. Most women report that Nipple Stimulation is the most effective because it releases the body's natural version of pitocin which is called Oxytocin. You want to verify with a docto... More »

Why Did Ray Charles Go Blind?

Ray Charles begin to go blind at ate 5. History contributes it to glaucoma, but other sources say it was from an infection from soapy water.... More »


  1. Rhiannon Esmond Reply:

    The more I think about the more confused I get. On one side of a story honor could be seen as blind obedience and vice versa…so what is honor and what is blind obedience?

  2. Geonadsyin Reply:

    If a blind person wasn’t using a white cane, how would they get around? Can they still manage? What does a white cane do?

  3. Nika Reply:

    How can I stop myself feeling groggy in the morning when I wake up?
    PS. I know it is normal, but I hate it so how can I resolve it?

    Also, I mean how can I actually wake up, or get up, feeling energetic. I know how to not feel groggy AFTER I’ve gotten up!

  4. Mikebarr724 Reply:

    I don’t have the guts to commit suicide. So I’d rather punish myself and not see this world. I want to blind myself so I don’t have to see anything.

  5. Tiklu Reply:

    I just want to know. I’m not trying to make myself blind, I just wanna know out of curiosity.

  6. Hannah Sheppy Reply:

    Not for real, of course. I mean by using something like glasses or what have you.
    How can I make my vision impaired for a experiment I am taking part in? Not make myself blind, just impaired like if I were under the influence of drugs.
    I need easy, life like suggestions.
    Thanks in advance!

  7. Jon Reply:

    My friends were getting blind so they got glasses. I wanna COPY them. how do i make myself blind? what other ways other than staring at the sun, cuz at night i cant do that. Why do i have such good vision!

  8. Kiki Wiki Reply:

    I’m learning Braille, and I heard the best way was to learn by touch. I can’t close my eyes or look away, because when I do, I have a temptation to open my eyes. How can I make myself legally blind?

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