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How do Contact Lenses Work

You may have such questions as How To Insert Contact Lenses and How Do Bifocal Contact Lenses Work,or you may also seek several helpful information about How to Put in Contact Lenses. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Colored Contact Lenses,too. Read more as following:

Contact lenses work much the same as glasses but are worn on your eyes not in a frame. They refract light so it goes into your eye to the retina at the angle you need it to be so you can see better.

How to Insert Contact Lenses

1 Take the contact out of the little package...(for me I do left side first). Depending if your a righty or a lefty..I'm a righty...I take my right hand and put the contact on my pointed finger (next 2 thumb) sitting on the top in the center. 2 Then... More »

How do Bifocal Contact Lenses Work

No line bifocal eyeglasses have a graduated lens that makes it hard to see where it ends. The bifocal contacts also have a lens with no line and the bottom is for reading and the top is for distance.... More »

How to Put on Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be put in two ways. You can place them on your eyeball directly for a perfect fit. I personally place it on the white of my eye and look over until the contact is in place.... More »

How are contact lenses made?

When making soft contact lenses, manufacturers start with a polymer that has been cut into buttons. Guided by a. computer., a digital lathe shapes the inside of the contact based on the lens prescription. The inside of the lens is then polished with... More »

What are Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are a lightweight and almost invisible corrective lens which is placed on the cornea of the eye. Contact lenses replace eye glasses.... More »

How are Contact Lenses Manufactured?

The raw materials of contact lenses depend on the type. The basic method is to melt the raw materials and they are poured into a small mold. The mold is distinct in shape and size according to the prescription needed. It's finally cooled and polished... More »


  1. Syska Reply:

    I have a recent glasses prescription and just bought new glasses a week ago. I hate my new glasses and I just want to get contact lenses, been wearing glasses for a long time. I am going to Lens Crafters tomorrow, how long is the whole process until I can get the contact lenses? Thanks.

  2. Aikay Reply:

    Is it possible to get contact lenses for reading and get a different color too or do they have to be the same color as ur eyes?? or would reading glasses be better?

  3. Rebecca<3 Reply:

    I want to order some replacement contact lenses other than at my doctor’s office which is costing me a lot more than ordering online. However, I find that you have to have a prescription to order these online contacts? Is this true?

  4. Siick_dude Reply:

    My eyes are a very dark brown and i was thinking of wearing contact lenses, but i have had someone to tell me that colored contact lenses don’t show so well on people with dark eyes. Is this true?

  5. Mandyjayne Reply:

    I want some contact lenses. My mom doesn’t want me to get them. I’ve been wearing glasses for three years, and I am 13. what are some good brands and such?

  6. Cheyenne Reply:

    my sister and i both wear contact lenses. Mine are regular and hers are toric. We have notice that hers are a lot more expensive that mine. What is the difference???

  7. Kii2 Reply:

    Hi i want contact lenses but i don’t know how old i have to be to get them . So how old do i have to be ,i like in California if it matters. Thanks

  8. Elisabeth Mb Reply:

    Everytime i go to order them they ask for a power or the contact lenses. Where can i get them without that question or what do i put there? I don’t wear glasses.

  9. Princess357_elaine Reply:

    I have brown eyes, and would like to try blue contacts. What contact lenses brand would you recommend for lightening dark eyes?

  10. Angela Barlow Reply:

    I’d like to buy colored contact lenses for halloween, and I was wondering if anyone knows of a trusted site they used. I’m just worried about tainted contacts or something.

  11. K-o-e Reply:

    I have been wearing my contact lenses for a couple of days now. They have already become cloudy, and I have cleaned and disinfected them properly. I have been wearing contact lenses for almost ten years now. Is there anything that I can buy or do that may be able to salvage them?

  12. Salem Thomas Reply:

    I lst my contact lenses in the pool and I can’t find them. They are soft contact lenses. Any ideas?

  13. Spencer Reply:

    I just got contact lenses and wanted to get theatrical ones just to mess around with and scare some people. I want to know how well you are able to see through the lenses. Is it like looking through regular contacts?

  14. Rasine Reply:

    Where can i get good contact lenses (which company makes the best ones)? Should I go to my eye doctor or to a eye glass company like Eyemart or Walmart Eye-something?

  15. Fgdfg Reply:

    Hello! I just took my eye glass and contact lenses exam, and I have a -2.0 in both eyes. What would be better, contact lenses or glasses to lower that number? Please give tips and share your experiences if possible. Thanks.

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