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How do You Dilate Your Eyes

You may have such questions as How Can I Make Myself Dilate Faster and What Drugs Dilate Eyes,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Makes Eyes Dilate. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Make Your Cervix Dilate Yourself,too. Read more as following:

The only person that can dilate your eyes is a professional eye doctor. The Optometrist will dilate your pupils to check for certain eye diseases. Avoid direct sunlight after your eyes are dilated.

How can I Make Myself Dilate Faster?

If you are full term in your pregnancy, you can help prepare your body for labor. To help yourself dilate faster, be active. Take a walk, have sex, or move around as much as possible. Also, ask your doctor about stripping your vaginal membrane.... More »

What Drugs Dilate Eyes?

There are many street drugs that can make the eyes dilate. When you use the eye drops to get the red out of your eyes it will also make your eyes dilate as well. Drugs such as methamphetamine, and LSD will make your eyes dilated. For more information... More »

What Makes Eyes Dilate?

Eyes dilate in response to the amount of light there is. If they didn't we would have much difficulty in seeing in very bright or dark light. Eyes will also dilate when we see someone we love and from certain medications.... More »

Why do Eyes Dilate?

Eyes dilate as a way of letting you see better. As an example when it's dark, your pupils dilate to better adjust to seeing in the dark. Same concept as when you walk outside or in a lighted room. The pupils get smaller so you aren't taking in as muc... More »

What is eye dilation?

Dilation allows in more light and constriction allows in less. The musculature in the iris (the colored portion of your eyeball) dilates or constricts as needed. Thus, as light dims, your pupils dilate, and as it brightens, your pupils constrict. As... More »

How to care for dilated eyes?

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  1. Darach Reply:

    I recently took my six year old daughter to the eye doctor and they dilated her eyes, the next day she was running a high fever and throwing up, is that a side effect from her eyes being dilated?

  2. K Krazy Reply:

    How do the doctors perform a lazy eye test? Do they dilate your eyes? Any information will be extra useful. Thank you so much.

  3. Tobi Reply:

    I wanted to know why some eye doctors dilate the eye and some don’t?

  4. Dobie Reply:

    I heard it kinda burns your eyes. But I’m going for my first exam on Saturday an am nervous. So do they dilate your eyes at your first eye exam?? Either way, what else goes on at your first eye exam??

  5. Jennifer Reply:

    My eye doctor used maybe three different eye drops to dilate my eyes. My appointment was nearly 8 hours ago, and my eyes are still dilated.

  6. Xedgedbeautyx Reply:

    How do I use my stomach to dilate my eyes. how to i flex it to make them as big as possible.

  7. Asperger Reply:

    Around two or three hours ago, my eye doctor dilated my eyes and they are still dilated right now. I was just wondering how long my eyes should be dilated for. I have no idea what eye drops she put in my eyes, but it was only one drop in each eye, if that helps at all. Thank you.

  8. J. P Reply:

    I am using prednisone drops 6 times a day to treat the condition and the drops to dilate my eyes twice a day.

  9. Natalie Landsberg Reply:

    I dont want to have trolls saying ” i shouldn’t be doing Ecstacy”
    How can I dilate my eyes back to normal from being the size of a dime to just regular, I cant seem to figure out a way, Do any types of Visine drops work? Or is there a trick?, Thank you ,

  10. Gwen Reply:

    I’m studying the eye in school and I want to buy some of those drops that they use to dilate your eyes. Anyone know where?

  11. Drink Me Reply:

    I just came home from the eye doctor’s and they dilated my eyes and about to take a shower . I was wondering if it was safe to wash my hair with them.

  12. David Clarke Reply:

    what movie has the scene where some character scrapes cocaine up, then cuts to a dilating eye, then a bloodsteam speeding up?

  13. Justin Hutchinson Reply:

    I have a couple of diabetic patients that state they do not need to have a dilated eye exam since they have macular degeneration. If this is true,what is the rationale behind this?If not true, what is the rationale?

  14. Spike_1920 Reply:

    Are there any pictures of dilated eyes compared to normal eyes? I’ve found it’s especially hard to distinguish this with brown eyes without completely staring.

    Any ideas/pictures of how to distinguish dilated eyes and normal eyes from one another(preferbly brown eyes)?


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