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How do You Make Prosthetic Eyes

You may have such questions as What Are Prosthetic Eyes Made Of and How To Clean A Prosthetic Eye,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Take Care Of A Prosthetic Eye. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Much Do Prosthetic Eyes Cost,too. Read more as following:

Prosthetic eyes are made out of an acrylic material. They are molded and shaped individually for each person. The eye will also be matched to an opposite eye color to make sure that it looks real.

What are prosthetic eyes made of?

According to the website, medical-quality PMMA acrylic is currently used for prosthetic eyes. PMMA stands for polymethyl-methacrylate, and according to Boedeker Plastics, PMMA is "is optically transparent, unaffected by moisture, an... More »

How to clean a prosthetic eye?

1. Wash your hands with soap and water before handling your prosthetic eye. After washing your hands, place a towel in your sink basin, as suggested by Carolina Eye Prosthetics. This provides cushion in case you drop the eye into the sink during clea... More »

How to take care of a prosthetic eye?

With freshly washed hands, remove the eye. Wash your eye with a mild soap and cl...... More »

What is a prosthetic eye?

It's an artificial eye which is used when the real eye has been removed.... More »

How much does a prosthetic eye cost?

In the States, the cost for an artificial eye are $1,000 to $2,500. The cost of a...... More »

What material are modern day prosthetic eyes made of?

Today, most artificial eyes are made of plastic, with an average...... More »


  1. Manuel Reply:

    More specifically, I want to make robotics that improve human function, such as artificial limbs, prosthetic eyes, and so on and so forth. Help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Viet Reply:

    HI, like will theyever come up with a way to help a blind person get their vision back by like lasic eye surgery or come up with prosthetic eyes to replace the eyes that have failed, i would appericiate your own opinion very much, THANK YOU!

  3. Inquiringmind Reply:

    I heard a friend of mine talking about it. They have a prosthetic eye that runs wires and electrodes to the vision center of the brain, allowing the person to see.

  4. Breakfast At Slickie’s. Reply:

    My 10 year old brother has a prosthetic eye and it can move a little bit. and he will start to be able to move it more and more the longer he has it. how and why can they move? i would think all they could do was sit there.
    also what does it feel like to have it in or not have it in?

  5. Gwyn Reply:

    A random question.
    I’m designing a doll and I want real glass eyes made as if a real person was getting it.

    Should I have an ocularist design the prosthetic eyes out of moonstone or amethyst crystal??

    Be serious.

  6. I Want To Be Forever Young Reply:

    if i got a prosthetic eye put in , would it move and react with the other eye. im sure it would look real enough but how noticable is it. i would get one as long as it was able to move with the direction im looking with the other. would they be in sync with each other. thanks for the input.

  7. Annoth Reply:

    My wife has a prosthetic eye. Will she be able to join the navy officer corps program?

  8. Bobjoefredsky Reply:

    if you have a prosthetic eye, and you’ve had it for a long time, is still possible to have surgery and use an eye from a donor? is it possible to still get that surgery and have 2 eyes and see?

  9. Dokii Reply:

    I wear black eyepatch 8 years. maybe it looks not very nice for young woman? I look like a pirate. maybe to have prosthetic eye is better?

  10. Carole Reply:

    Hi, I’ve been using a prosthetic eye from the time my eye was removed when i was 6months old (i’m 28 at the moment). I’ve been using my current prosthesis for several years, but its now time for a change. Anyone know where I can get a new prosthetic from in SIngapore? tks.

  11. Moo Reply:

    I am 13 turning 14 soon, I have one natural green eye (lost the other due to cancer) and I am thinking of getting a new one since I’ve had my current (green) prosthetic eye for a while now. I was wondering if I should get a blue eye instead of just my natural colour.

    Thanks guys!

  12. Dreamertonks Reply:

    I need some extra cash and I really need this cash so I need the yahoo answers community to give me facts if you guys can and tell me exactly where and how much does a prosthetic eye sell too and where is a great place in the LA area or Riverside where can i sell this memorable prosthetic eye.

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