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How does Eyeglasses Work

You may have such questions as When Were Eyeglasses Invented and How Do Eyeglasses Work,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Clean Eyeglasses. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Do Eyeglasses Work Kids,too. Read more as following:

Eyeglasses work to correct your vision whether it be near sighted or far sighted. You get your eyes examined and the doctor will prescribe the correct prescription glasses for you eyes. You will then be able to see far and near with the help of eye glasses.

When Were Eyeglasses Invented?

Know one knows the exact date they were invented, but it is believed to be sometime between 1268 and 1289 in Italy by a unknown inventor. Early glasses were pinched down on the nose, it took several hundred years to realize that side pieces that rest... More »

How do eyeglasses work?

just click on that link it will tell you all that you need to know... More »

How to Clean Eyeglasses?

You should have gotten a cloth with your glasses. All you should really need to do is wipe them with a lint free cloth. I wouldn't suggest using glass cleaner or anything abrasive as this could harm any protective coatings you have on your glasses. S... More »

How to Adjust Eyeglasses?

Any eyeglass adjustments should be made by a licensed optomologist. This is the best way so that nothing is broken or shifted out of place.... More »

Where can I Donate Eyeglasses?

Some eye frame shops have a donation bin for old glasses, that they give to charity. The Lions Club, also collects old eyeglasses to distribute around the world, for people in need.... More »

How to Remove Scratches from Eyeglasses?

If you knew how to remove scratches from eyeglasses it would sure make our lives easier! There are a few different ways you can approach the scratch removing. This site has some wonderful idea to help you. For more information, look here: ... More »


  1. Millyonetwothree Reply:

    I had an old pair which I just lost. These eyeglasses are really expensive and I do not wanna lose them what are some tips to help me keep them with me.

  2. Charlotte Reply:

    I’m 25 and I want to use rounded eyeglasses because i think they look nice. Are there any drawbacks?

  3. Sal M. Reply:

    When buying eyeglasses in stores, does the price include the frames and the lenses (prescription lenses) or just the frames?

  4. Nikki Reply:

    I want to know why people choose rectangular eyeglasses. Is rectangular eyeglasses have any special feature?

  5. Indiana Jones Reply:

    I’m gonna get eyeglasses today and wanted to know what are some stylish glasses. Any suggestions?

  6. Rebekah Reply:

    Should I join Costco for $50 to buy eyeglasses there? Should I buy from a national chain or a local optometrist?

  7. 02bof Reply:

    If someone wears prescription eyeglasses, it is often because there is a valid medical reason (astigmatism, esotropia, etc.), purchasing a good sturdy frame, plus lenses can cost in upwards of $400 out of pocket. So why is the cost not covered by health insurance?

  8. Boom! Reply:

    I’m dressing up as the original Nutty Professor (Jerry Lewis) and I’m looking for eyeglasses that make my eyes look humorously large. Where can I get them and what are they called?

  9. Shelbipeak Reply:

    Once wearing eyeglasses, their prescription will increase as time goes by? So, I wondering If long time wearing eyeglasses will make your vision more serious?

  10. Rambabu26 D Reply:

    I have a pair of old eyeglasses that I want on my new eyeglass frame. I just want to get the old glasses into my new eyeglass frame. Can I do this by myself? If the glass is too big, can I just sand it away till it fits? Thanks, any help is appreciated.

  11. Jeff_cantilang Reply:

    I wear eyeglasses and I work at a restaurant for 6 hours. And ALL the time, my clothes, hair, earrings AND my eyeglasses smell. How do I get rid of the smell without staining my glasses?

  12. Lula Reply:

    My eyeglasses have a ton of very fine scratches on them, probably due to wiping them with my shirt. I’ve had these lenses over a year. Is there some compound that fills in the scratches?

  13. Lidooh_smiles Reply:

    also known as boondoggle eyeglasses i heard that you can make them this way does anyone have a web site showing how to make boondoggle or scoubiduo eyeglasses? or know how to make them?

  14. Camel Reply:

    I bought a second hand versace eyeglasses frame. I wonder if it is an authentical one. Could anyone know how to distinguish the authenticity of the versace eyeglasses?

  15. Pans X Reply:

    Apart from the styles and shapes elements of a pair of eyeglasses frame, does the material of frames matter if I have a high prescription? If yes, what material is better for me? How can I choose my frames? Can someone recommend some frames for me?

  16. Gregg Reply:

    I want to get a new pair of eyeglasses at those place that sell glasses. So I want to know once I get my eyes exam and choose my glasses then how long can I get my new glasses. I’ll come there to order it NOT online! So how many weeks do I have to wait! Thanks!

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