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How Eye Drops Work

You may have such questions as What Happens If You Drink Eye Drops and What Happens If You Put Eye Drops In A Drink,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Buy Eye Drops. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Frontline Flea and Tick,too. Read more as following:

Eye drops is a simple saline solution used for the eyes to wash out debris and/or to relieve dry itchy eyes. It works as a lubricate and cleaner for eye irritations.

What Happens if You Drink Eye Drops?

Drinking eye drops will cause diarrhea like you've never experienced in your life. It will be like a portal to the festering pits of hell has opened in your stomach, and is blowing all of the hatred, malice, and just plain nastiness in the world out... More »

What Happens if You Put Eye Drops in a Drink?

If you put eye drops in a drink it can cause things like an upset stomach, cramping or diarrhea. If a lot of it is consumed then there is a risk that you will wind up dehydrated.... More »

How to buy eye drops?

1. Purchase an antihistamine, like azelastine or emedastine, to relieve redness and itchiness in the eye caused by allergies. These drugs prevent blood vessels in the eye from swelling and are less drying than their oral counterparts. Antihistamines... More »

How to apply eye drops?

1. Begin by thoroughly washing your hands with warm water and soap. Dry them off with a clean towel. 2. If the directions on your bottle of eye drops say to shake the medication, then shake it. Regular, over-the-counter lubricating eye drops do not n... More »

What is mitomycin eye drops?

Mitomycin, also known as mitomycin-C and MMC, is a topical antibiotic that has been used by doctors since 1993 as eyedrop chemotherapy to increase the success rate of surgery to remove eye growths and tumors. Mitomycin is used to help shrink tumors o... More »

What are patanol eye drops?

Indication. Patanol (olopatadine hydrochloride) is FDA-approved for the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis; the eye drops are used once or twice a day as prescribed by a doctor. Class of Medication. Patanol is an antihistamine, which works by block... More »


  1. Abigail Reply:

    Sometimes if the wind blows my eyes sting so much I have to close them for a couple of minutes. The same thing happens if I get something in my eyes. What are some good eye drops that I can use to help with this?

  2. Gemi S Reply:

    What would happen if i drink a couple of drops of Rohto eye drops. My friend told me I would get diarrhea so im curious on trying it.

  3. Juan Reply:

    I wear contacts. Will this make the eye drops not work as well?

  4. Ginny P Reply:

    I have an eye infection but the eye doctor didn’t think it was necessary for him to give me antibiotic eye drops. Meanwhile, my eye continues causing me pain, especially in air conditioning.

  5. Eeveefurret Reply:

    My friend accidentally put eye drops in her ears. She is in so much pain. What do you do? Is this really bad?
    They are drops used for eye drops.
    I mean for pink eye.

  6. Mr.teamonmyback Reply:

    my dad just put some allergy eye drops in because his eyes were red and irritated, and after putting them in his eyes really hurt. he had to wash them out with some warm water. is it normal for them to sting?

  7. Dianasaur Reply:

    I will be traveling to another country and be there for three months. I would like to take some Tylenol and eye drops. If they are unopened should I pack them in my checked luggage or carry on? What are the rules and best way to pack these? Thank you.

  8. Random Reply:

    I just got hard contacts three days ago and they feel really itchy, so I thought that eye drops might help. What kind are okay to use with them? Also, is it normal to see a lot of light glare?

  9. Wendy Reply:

    I’ve always heard that you shouldn’t use eye drops while wearing contact lenses because the eye drops are retained on the surface of the contact. But, what if I am throwing them out daily and only applying drops 2-3 times a day. Is this safe?

  10. Desda Reply:

    I was prescribed sulfacetamide 10% eye drops and I was wondering how long until my bacterial conjuctivits gets better on both of my eyes. It’s friday and I want to be better by monday morning for school. I was also given Cepalexin 500 MG capsules.

  11. Xsweetestx Reply:

    Someone told me Visine and someone simply said saline eye drops. I need to get my pup some while he waits for his vet appointment.

  12. Spursallday Reply:

    Which eye drops are compatible with soft contact lenses (they are circle lenses) are any eye drops good i have diffrent types of visine but i dont know if it would work?

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