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How Long do Dilated Pupils Last

You may have such questions as What Drugs Dilate Pupils and How Can I Cure Dilated Pupils,or you may also seek several helpful information about How to Fix Dilated Pupils. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Remedies for Dilated Pupils,too. Read more as following:

This is impossible to answer not knowing why your pupils are dilated as that does affect the time. On average dilation can last for around four hours. Extreme cases like head trauma or drug usage can extend this time greatly.

What Drugs Dilate Pupils?

There are a lot of different types of drugs both illegal and legal that can dilate the pupils. You have inhalants, sedative hypnotic, and narcotics that has this effects. ... More »

Do you know how cardiac arrest result in fixed dilated pupils?

fixed dilated pupils usually means brain death. brain death from cardiac arrest is possibly from the lack of blood/circulation to the brain during the arrest. sorry.... More »

Why are my pupils always dilated?

Assuming you're not a coke head, I remember reading in some bio textbook that differ...... More »

What Causes Dilated Pupils?

Some of the causes of dilated pupils include illegal drugs and some prescription medications. The pupils also dilate when exposed to changes in light, such as going from light to dark.... More »

How can I make my pupils dilate in bright light?

Pupils dilate to let more light in when its dark, so no, you can't make your pupils dilate in night light. However, medications can dilate your eyes artificially but it temporarily impairs your vision. So, you can, but don't. Why do you want to? Sour... More »


  1. Alpha Romeo Alpha Reply:

    I have to go to my eye doctor tomorrow and I am nervous. They are going to dialate my pupils with eye drops and give me blurred vision for same time (for me it’s long and I am afraid that it won’t wear off.) For me, the drops last a long time so is there any other way?

  2. Nerd Gal Reply:

    And how ling does the initial high last for?

  3. Alison Reply:

    I have had a corneal abrasion since Wednesday night. My eye is feeling better, but still not normal. The pain is not as bad, but anytime I try to read I get a bad headache. Is this normal? How long will it last? Could it be from the medication I’m taking to dilate my pupil?

  4. Gerald P Reply:

    After you take lsd, your pupils go big. How long does it stay like this?
    12 hours? Or only a couple until the peak wears off?

  5. Dj.skitlz Reply:

    I have gone to the ophthalmologist recently and had a few exams with diluted pupils. The doctor had put 1 drop in each eye and I was then required to go through a few eye tests. I have to go to the optometrist but was wondering if diluted pupils would alter the results.

  6. Unknown Reply:

    I’ve just started taking venlafaxine and my pupils have been dilated for the last 24 hours. Can long term dilation cause permanent damage? Should I stop taking the venlafaxine or will this side effect wear off?

  7. Emura Reply:

    I got back from the eye doctor a few hours ago and she put eydrops in my eyes that dilates the pupils. When will it wear off? I dont think it took this long before.

  8. Hang Fire Reply:

    I had drops in my eyes last night late..and I woke up and they still are dilated and I cannot see properly because they look like saucers! Does anyone know how long before they return to normal??
    i hope this typing here is understandable and not jibberish thanks to my eye sight right now!

  9. Jessica Reply:

    What is the name of the drug that is commonly used at they eye doctor’s office to dilate your pupils. When I got them they burned for a few minutes and my vision was blury for a few hours.

  10. Paper Reply:

    My friend went to the eye doctor last Monday. They dilated her pupil while she was there and it is still dilated! What’s wrong with it?!

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