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How Much Money An Eye Doctor Makes

You may have such questions as How Much Money Does A Doctor Make and How Much Money Do Doctors Make A Year,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Much Does An Eye Doctor Make A Year. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Much Do Eye Doctors Get Paid,too. Read more as following:

The amount of money that an eye doctor makes in the United States of America is approximately $180,000 per year. Eye doctors can make much more money if they specialize in a certain area.

How much money does a doctor make?

£70000... More »

How Much Money do Doctors Make a Year?

Doctors make different wages. A doctor after one year of residency, can make $137.000 every year. Doctors make enough money, to pay their patients. ... More »

How much does an eye doctor make a year?

National salary information collected by Pay Scale states optometrists earn between $74,000 and $100,000 on average. Bonuses add between $1,000 to nearly $10,000 to that number, and profit-sharing can add as much as $10,000. Optometrists earning comm... More »

How much money does a toxicologist make with a doctorate?

Toxicologists and other biochemists made an average salary of $86,580 per year as of May 2010, according to the BLS. The bureau indicates that the highest-paid toxicologists earned salaries in excess of $142,420 per year, while those at the bottom of... More »

How much money do naturopathic doctors make?

Naturopathic doctors with one to four years of work experience in the field earned annual salaries of $47,500 to $82,424 as of July 2009. The average salary range for naturopathic doctors with five to nine years of experience was $50,980 to $97,959 i... More »

How much money does a pediatric doctor make?

According to PayScale, as of 2010, the average salary of a pediatrician in the United States was between $99,752 and $142,523. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics listed a mean annual wage for this occupation of $161,410, as of 2010. A mean is the mi... More »


  1. Amanda Reply:

    Well, I’m having financial issues right now and need $5,000 in 7 months and I have an interview tomorrow as a retail at eye doctors office. Anyways, I know that I need to offer the company something more, but whats the best way? I’m a college student.

  2. Ciara Shay Reply:

    I recently got a trail pair for these contacts from my eye doctor. I threw away the packaging and now want to order more. I remember the power -3.75 but not the BC. It was either 8.30 or 8.70. If I were to get a trial size would it matter what BC number?

  3. Jenniferc Reply:

    After 4 attempts an eye doctor has been able to make glasses that I can wear. He charged me $739. and will only refund me $660. saying that he will not refund the $79. exam charge. Is that right?

  4. Talia Reply:

    If my husband and I both become optometrists and open our own eye doctor office, I guess you would call it, how much would we make in a year?

  5. Budgie Babe Reply:

    I have a BA in Computer Science but considering switching my a career that provides more stable and decent income, ex: dentist, eye doctor, pharmacist, etc. Anyone knows how many more years I need until I make real money?

  6. Howmanymoresaturdaynights1132 Reply:

    I can see fine, but I have not seen an eye doctor since I was about 4. I was told I should be going yearly…is that true, or is it a way for doctors to get more money? What can they look for/treat if I see fine?
    I do not and have never had contacts or glasses

  7. Dasha Reply:

    I’m interested in becoming one but I want to know how much on average they make a year.

  8. Karen B Reply:

    i want green contacts but i dont want to pay to much money or visit a eye doctor or anything like that.
    i also want them to look natural.

  9. Ryosuke Reply:

    how much money would you make if you were an eye doctor (OP) not (MD)
    is it considered enough or a lot?
    how much schooling?

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