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How the Eye Work

You may have such questions as What Is An Eye and What Determines Eye Color,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Causes Eye Twitches. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to health,too. Read more as following:

The human eye cn be compared to a camera our cornea and pupil act as the lense while the retina and optic nerves convey information recieved to the brain.

What is the Eye?

The eye is an organ which allows one to see. Simple, and compound are the two types of eyes an organism can have. Eyes make it possible to detect colors. ... More »

What determines eye color?

The genes of your parents will determine your eye color.... More »

What causes eye twitches?

Common: Alcohol/Caffeine, Fatigue, Irritation of eye surface or inner eyelids, little sleep,...... More »

How does the eye work?

Light first enters a person's eye through their cornea. Corneas have been compared to the lens cover on a camera. If the lens cover or the cornea is closed by way of the eyelid, then no light enters and you can not see a thing. When they open the lig... More »

Why is my eye twitching?

Eyelid myokymia is basically a muscle twitch. Common causes include stress, caffeine, lack of sleep, or dehydration. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about them. You could try doing a warm compress to relax the muscles but that doesn't alwa... More »

How high is the london eye?

The London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel, reaches a height of 135 meters, or 443 feet. It is the largest Ferris wheel in Europe, and the most popular tourist attraction in the U.K. ... More »


  1. Brittany Reply:

    I’ve tried heaps of eye creams, and they all sting the area around my eyes. The skin is also flaky after I cleanse my skin, so is there a cream which can also hydrate my eyes heaps?

  2. Irish’beuor; Reply:

    My eyes have dark circles and eye bags. How do i get rid of them? Everyone always thinks im angry but im not, my eyes just give that impression, i aint tired or nothing, thats just my natural eyes. Can anyone help?

  3. Stephanie-anne Reply:

    How quickly does it take for eye lubricants to react with your eyes? Is it instant wetness on your eyes? From my experience, the redness I believe roots from dryness still lingers after the use of artificial tears.

    P.S. I use Refresh artificial tears.

  4. Who Farted Reply:

    I have very deep blue eyes, dark brown hair, and fair skin. I have been trying to figure out what colors really make my eyes pop and what color of smokey eye works best!

  5. Terriann Reply:

    I love eye shadow but my eye lids tend to get greasy. I’ve tried putting eye primer on but it doesn’t work, is there any way that I can stop it from creasing?

  6. Aubry Reply:

    My friend has brown eyes and I have blue. We would like to know what color eye shadow would look nice.

  7. Bretman Reply:

    My eyes are like a really bright green with hazelish flecks in them. I dont know if this makes a diffrence, but my hair is really dark, almost black brown. What are some eye makeup rountines and colors I could use to make my eyes more noticable?

  8. Celeste Reply:

    i have alot of eye shadow but i dont know what color would be good for my greenish-brown eyes. does anyone have any tips?

  9. Jackson Reply:

    I have heard that eye cream with vitamin K kinda helps with dark circles. What brands of eye cream do you recommend that are not too expensive?

  10. Chrissy Reply:

    My left eye is blue. My right eye is green. I can’t ever figure out what to do with eye shadow. Does anyone have any tips?

  11. Heera Reply:

    My eye color is a dark brown, which looks black from a distance. Hated it hand loved it at times :p
    I always loved vibrant blue eyes, they’re so awesome.

  12. Yumi Reply:

    My eye doctor used maybe three different eye drops to dilate my eyes. My appointment was nearly 8 hours ago, and my eyes are still dilated.

  13. Mons?er ? Loki’d Reply:

    I have green eyes and i would like to find a eye shadow color that brings out the green of my eyes. I use to wear black eye shadow but i want something that isn’t dark i don’t think dark makeup looks good on me.

  14. Epilot757 Reply:

    My eyes are blue, and I’m not sure what type of eye liner color or style I should be using. Or what type of eye shadow will look good with my blue eyes. Thanks for helping!
    Please tell me the cost of the product too. I’m planning to try out all your ideas today! Thanks again!

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