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How to Measure Pupil Size

You may have such questions as What Is Normal Pupil Size and How To Measure For A Bra Size,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Affects Pupil Size. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Pupil Size Chart,too. Read more as following:

You can measure pupil size with a very small ruler that is marked with millimeters. You can also use a digital laser ruler. This is the most accurate way to measure pupil size.

What is normal pupil size?

Pupil size according to age: 20- 4.7mm daylight & 8mm night; 30-4.3mm daylight & 7mm night...... More »

How to Measure for a Bra Size?

As women, we all know the importance of how our bras fit. Personally, I went to Lane Bryant and had them measure me for a bra. To measure at home put a non-padded bra on. The first measurement you will take is under your bust. Place the measuring tap... More »

Does Suboxone affect pupil size?

Yes it will make them smaller like any other narcotic opioid.... More »

How to Measure Hat Size?

While Men's hat sizes are measured by diameter and a Woman's hat size by circumference both require the use of a tape measure. Using a flexible tape measure wrap it around the widest part of the head usually 1 inch above the eyebrows. The first measu... More »

How to measure bust size?

1. Place the tape measure around your body, just under your breasts. Keep your arms down at your side. Make sure the tape measure remains horizontal. 2. Check the measurement. The number on the tape measure is your true bust, but for fitting bras you... More »

How to Measure Breast Size?

In order to find your breasts size, just take a piece of measuring tape, put it around your body, just underneath your breasts, while the tape is horizontally placed. The measurement that you see is your breast size.... More »


  1. Anny Pereyra Reply:

    and how to classify it into constricted,normal or dilated??is there any such classification or is it just observer dependent judgement.
    Please do give reference to your answer also.

  2. Wafi Reply:

    I mean the beauty of a landscape, a building, a woman etc.

  3. Cienna Reply:

    Quality of photo/picture is measured by resolution (such as 10 Mega Px).
    So what about our eyes, can we measure the quality of the picture we see through our eyes?

  4. Dano Laux Reply:

    I’m looking at a Student/Teacher Ratio of 19.9. I’m trying to figure out the average classroom size for this school. How can they’re be 9 teachers and 19 students in each classroom?

  5. Korn Reply:

    Measure in inches or mm units.

  6. Mamman07 Reply:

    I know people’s eyes dilate when they like people, but how can you tell? I know the pupil gets larger but is there an easy way to tell without doing anything weird?
    Thanks in advance!

  7. Zoe Reply:

    I need to buy some colored contact lenses to complete a cosplay I’m working on, but I literally know nothing about contact lenses and their sizes. There’s all kinds of information of diameter, base curve, water content and power, but how do I figure which category should be what size for me?

  8. Kate-kat Reply:

    I have seen recently that my pupil and iris is getting bigger and I don’t know why. And the white part of my eye is starting to reduce. I’m really getting worried and freaking out. Please Help!!!

  9. Abigail Reply:

    And your thumb is the same size as your nose, your arms stretched out is as tall as you.
    What is that called?

  10. Gabrielc97 Reply:

    I need to know the size(height, length, possibly width)Weight in pounds, and anything else I may be forgetting to list. Please help!!

  11. Rjf Reply:

    I am doing a science project and if anybody has a good way how to measure pupil size, i’d love to hear it too.

  12. Teresa Reply:

    I am doing a project for science class and I need a good way to accurately measure pupil size… HELP!!!!

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